About StratRegen

StratRegen is a strategic research area in stem cell research and regenerative medicine at Karolinska Institutet supporting research that advances our understanding of stem cell biology and approaches to bring regenerative medicine to the clinic, for future treatment of diseases for which there currently are no therapies.

The programme makes strategic recruitments of young investigators and develops key infrastructure for stem cell research and regenerative medicine. StratRegen also supports a number of key research infrastructures at Karolinska Institutet. The programme is supported by the government through the program for strategic research areas (SFO).


The vision is to conduct research at the highest international level, leading to development of new concepts in stem cell biology and bringing new therapies to patients in several disease areas.

Research areas

  • Molecular basis of cellular differentiation
  • Steering stem cell differentiation to fates of medical interest
  • Transplantation biology
  • Decoding cell lineage at the organism level
  • Biomaterials for stem cell differentiation and transplantation


Karolinska Institutet has a broad range of infrastructures and core facilities. Thanks to the rapid technology development in stem cells research and regenerative medicine three existing core facilities at Karolinska Institutet has been expanded, namely the ones for genetically modified mice, zebrafish and GMP cell culture. In addition, StratRegen has started a novel facility for cellular reprogramming/iPS. All these core facilities operate in an open access format for Swedish scientists.


Vecura is a core facility at Clinical Research Center, Karolinska University Hospital offering manufacturing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products for clinical trials. The facility is certified by the Swedish Medical Product Agency and the National Board of Health and Welfare. Vecura has been in operation since 1996 and has produced more than 30 GMP products including the first Swedish made gene therapy vector and cell therapy product. The facility is of great importance for the development of regenerative medicine at Karolinska and in Sweden.

Karolinska Center for Transgene Technologies

The Karolinska Center for Transgene Technologies (KCTT) is the transgenic core facility at KI and is one of the largest academic facilities in Scandinavia. KCTT provides services to research groups primarily at KI but also to other academic groups worldwide. The services mainly include the generation and cryopreservation of genetically modified mouse strains, embryonic stem cell lines and related techniques. KCTT is partner of the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA), a repository for mutant mouse strains.


The reprogramming core facility provides a reprogramming service to supply scientists with human iPS cells. Patient-specific iPS cell lines opens up unique opportunities to in vitro study and create cellular models of human disease. The facility reprograms human fibroblast cells using Sendai viruses, which is a non-integrating method, resulting in iPS cells free of any integrated genetic material. The iPS core facility is offering a spectrum of service packages from fibroblast cell derivation, reprogramming of fibroblast cells to iPS cells and characterisation of the iPS cell lines.

Zebrafish research infrastructure

The zebrafish research infrastructure has established a portfolio of technologies, including morpholino gene knockdown and ENU mutagenesis, to study gene function in zebrafish. The facility also hosts a number of genetically engineered zebrafish lines, including several reporter lines. The facility serves a growing research community at Karolinska Institutet and works together with several research groups on topics such as myogenesis, endocrine disruptors, neurobiology and modeling of genetic disorders.

Management and organisation


Professor/senior physician

Eva Hellström Lindberg

Phone: 08-585 825 06
Department: Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH), H7
E-mail: Eva.Hellstrom-Lindberg@ki.se


To be appointed. 

Board Members:


StratRegen’s Scientific Advisory Board includes world leading scientists who evaluate the progress.

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