IncuCyte live cell analysis system

IncuCyte S3 ESSEN Bioscience

Room nr: U230 05 2510 

Responsible persons:   

Paula Mannström

Andreas Lundqvist

Katja Pokrovskaja

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Instrument is located in a shared lab. Keep distance with a maximum of 4 people in the room at the same time. The IncuCyte is placed in the lower left incubator with the control unit placed on top of the upper left incubator. The plates at positions 1-5 can be used for maximum 1 week. Plate at position 6 can be used for maximum 1 hour. Plates waiting for the scan or removed from the IncuCyte after the end of the experiment are temporarily stored in the lower right incubator.

General information:

This equipment is a core facility for Theme Cancer and is accessible for authorized persons only. The new users should contact responsible person to receive an introduction to the routines for this facility. Each new user will receive a training and some instruction material from an assigned teacher to become an authorized user. Go to this page iLab booking and billing system | Karolinska Institutet to get started with iLab.

General Work Rules:

There are defined rules and work procedures for using this equipment, which have to be strictly followed

  • The instrument is located in a BSL2 cell laboratory. It is mandatory to use the lab coat and gloves and follow the rules for this type of laboratory.
  • Restrict usage to one plate per time and per person
  • Check the WATER in the incubator and fill up with MilliQ-water if needed.
  • Inform the users’ group when you plan to run longer and/or larger experiments.
  • Clean up after yourself. Remove your plate and discard it in your lab after finished experiment.
  • For data analysis, IncuCyte software can be downloaded from the IncuCyte computer (for PC only). There is also a devoted computer station for Data Analysis with an installed software in J6:14 U210 06 6220. You need to book it through SKEDDA, contact
  • Archive and transfer your raw data files after finished experiments either to your own external hard drive or to your personal network drive. For the latter, you need first to map the network drive at IncuCyte or the Data Analysis computer or your own computer, see the instruction video below. Delete archived files and files that are intermediate saved on the computer.



IncuCyte S3 Manuals

IncuCyte Basic analysis guidelines

IncuCyte software download

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Map network drive