Selected publications - Experimental Traumatology

List of selected publications from the Experimental Traumatology research unit at Karolinska Institutet.

Selected publications

The swine as a vehicle for research in trauma-induced coagulopathy: Introducing principal component analysis for viscoelastic coagulation tests.
Brännström A, von Oelreich E, Degerstedt LE, Dahlquist A, Hånell A, Gustavsson J, Günther M
J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2021 Feb;90(2):360-368

Sex-Specific Differences in Rodents Following a Single Primary Blast Exposure: Focus on the Monoamine and Galanin Systems.
Kawa L, Arborelius UP, Hökfelt T, Risling M
Front Neurol 2020 ;11():540144

A Decade of mTBI Experience: What Have We Learned? A Summary of Proceedings From a NATO Lecture Series on Military mTBI.
Robinson-Freeman KE, Collins KL, Garber B, Terblanche R, Risling M, Vermetten E, Besemann M, Mistlin A, Tsao JW
Front Neurol 2020 ;11():836

Diffuse Axonal Injury in the Rat Brain: Axonal Injury and Oligodendrocyte Activity Following Rotational Injury.
Losurdo M, Davidsson J, Sköld MK
Brain Sci 2020 Apr;10(4):

Severe, transient pulmonary ventilation-perfusion mismatch in the lung after porcine high velocity projectile behind armor blunt trauma.
Rocksén D, Arborelius UP, Gustavsson J, Günther M
Exp Lung Res 2020 10;46(8):271-282

Temporal gene expression changes after acute and delayed ventral root avulsion-reimplantation.
Günther M, Sköld MK
Restor Neurol Neurosci 2020 ;38(1):23-40

Mild Hyperventilation in Traumatic Brain Injury-Relation to Cerebral Energy Metabolism, Pressure Autoregulation, and Clinical Outcome.
Svedung Wettervik T, Howells T, Hillered L, Nilsson P, Engquist H, Lewén A, Enblad P, Rostami E
World Neurosurg 2020 Jan;133():e567-e575

Transition from abdominal aortic and junctional tourniquet to zone 3 resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta is feasible with hemodynamic support after porcine class IV hemorrhage.
Brännström A, Dahlquist A, Gustavsson J, Arborelius UP, Günther M
J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2019 10;87(4):849-855

Modelling human pathology of traumatic brain injury in animal models.
Risling M, Smith D, Stein TD, Thelin EP, Zanier ER, Ankarcrona M, Nilsson P
J Intern Med 2019 06;285(6):594-607

Neurite Growth and Polarization on Vitronectin Substrate after in Vitro Trauma is not Enhanced after IGF Treatment.
Bergen K, Frödin M, von Gertten C, Sandberg-Nordqvist A-, Sköld MK
Brain Sci 2018 Aug;8(8):

Alteration in BDNF and its receptors, full-length and truncated TrkB and p75(NTR) following penetrating traumatic brain injury.
Rostami E, Krueger F, Plantman S, Davidsson J, Agoston D, Grafman J, Risling M
Brain Res 2014 Jan;1542():195-205

The terminal pathway of the complement system is activated in focal penetrating but not in mild diffuse traumatic brain injury.
Rostami E, Davidsson J, Gyorgy A, Agoston DV, Risling M, Bellander BM
J Neurotrauma 2013 Dec;30(23):1954-65

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