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Teachers on a course on Hawaii

In February the research group leaders Pernilla Lagergren, from Surgical Care Sciences, and Jesper Lagergren, from Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, were teachers on the course “Medical and Surgical Aspects of Esophageal and Foregut Disorders: Pathophysiology and Treatment” on Hawaii. They were both invited as Keynote speakers. Jesper had as many as 5 hours of teaching. For the first time the course content included topics on health-related quality of life and patient-reported outcomes which Pernilla did talk about. It was an intensive full-time course week (8-10 hours per day) with mandatory participation during the entire course by teachers and participants. There were a lot of discussions and debates with 115 well prepared participants with great knowledge in the diseases of the oesophagus.

Bild från kurs på Hawaii

Kursbild från Hawaii

Föreläsning Hawaii

Welcome Zhao Cheng to the research group

Zhao Cheng has joined the research group and will have Pernilla Lagergren as her main supervisor. Her proposed PhD thesis is titled "Comorbidity and preoperative weight change in relation to complications and patient-reported outcomes after surgery for oesophageal cancer ". Warmly welcome Zhao!

Zhao Cheng


Congratulations Poorna Anandavadivelan for a well conducted dissertation on December 14, 2018, see Dissertations.

Pernilla Lagergren awarded Eric K. Fernström's Prize 2018

Congratulations to Professor Pernilla Lagergren who has been awarded with the Eric K. Fernström prize for her research on Quality of life among patients diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer.

Pernilla Lagergren tar emot Eric K. Fernstroms pris

Planning Day 2018

The Upper GI surgery and the Surgical Care Science research groups had a joint planning day at Paschens Malmgård at Bellevue 4th of October. We listened to a surgeon, Ioannis Rouvelas, about the care pathway at Huddinge hospital and to a patient describing her journey through the diagnosis and treatment. After a visit to Carl Eldhs museum we used the afternoon to discuss future research possibilities an how to improve our work. The day gave perspectives and renewed motivation.

Planning Day 2018

Welcome Helen Rosenlund!

We welcome Helen Rosenlund, dietitian and junior researcher, who joined the group Surgical Care Science in September. She got her PhD in 2010 and made her postdoc at KI SöS. Her research will focus on nutritional aspects after oesophageal cancer surgery in the OSCAR study. She also works clinically at Danderyd hospital and will combine this with her research.

Helen Rosenlund

Welcome Huiting Tang from Nanjing Medical University

Huiting Tang is a lecturer and Master of Medicine and is here on an exchange from Nanjing Medical University, Department of Clinical Nursing. Surgical Care Sciences together with Upper Gastro Intestinal Research started a fruitful collaboration with Nanjing Medical University last year. Huiting's purpose of her exchange is to join more researches, take courses and get an insight in Swedish hospital care.

Huiting Tang

Welcome Nora Tenow Benulic

Nora started to work with us about a year ago helping out with data administration for the OSCAR study. This autumn, 2018, she is here full time and is also working with other administrative tasks.

Nora Tenow Benulic

10-year symposium of SIMSAM: The Future of Swedish Register-Based Research

SIMSAM (short for Swedish Initiative for Research on Microdata in the Social And Medical Sciences) is a 10-year initiative of funding of innovative interdisciplinary register-based research by the Swedish Research Council. Together with the SIMSAM-node SUNDEM at Stockholm University, we (in the capacity of the SIMSAM-node UGIR) jointly arranged an open national one day symposium to acknowledge achievements of the six research nodes and the research school node and to discuss future developments.

The leaders of the seven SIMSAM nodes presented their valuable experiences and accomplishments during the years. The representatives of the Swedish Research Council (VR), Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen), Statistics Sweden (SCB) and the Swedish National Data Service (SND) shared their views on the challenges and possibilities in the past and ahead. Among the keynote speakers was Olivia Wigzell, Director General of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.

To find out more about SIMSAM please visit

Jesper Lagergren, SIMSAM UGIR (KI) och Gunnar Andersson, SIMSAM SUNDEM (SU).

Olivia Wigzell, Socialstyrelsens generaldirektör.

Welcome Cecilia Haddad Ringborg

We welcome PhD student Cecilia Haddad Ringborg to the group. Cecilia's work is focused on the relative perspective of patients who have undergone surgery for oesophageal cancer. She is also attending research school in care sciences.

Cecilia Haddad Ringborg

Grant from the Swedish Research Council

We are grateful to have received 3,450,000 SEK for the project “Physical training program for better survivorship after oesophageal cancer surgery” from the Swedish Research Council for 2018-2020.

The second Sino-Sweden Joint Workshop

In October, representatives of the Upper GI Surgery and Surgical Care Science research groups visited Nanjing Medical University and the university hospital in Huai'an in China. This is the region in China with the highest incidence of oesophageal cancer and at this well organised visit both the research undertaken at our universities and the different challenges we face were discussed. Our sincere hope is that we in the future will deepen our co-operation being able use our respective strengths and advantages to further the knowledge about this cancer disease. The visit was a part of a China-Sweden Network Grant we received in 2015, funded by the Swedish Research Council in Sweden and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in China.

Bildcollage från besöket i Kina

We welcome Yangjun Liu to the research group

Yangjun Liu has joined the research group and will have Pernilla Lagergren as her main supervisor. Her proposed PhD thesis is titled “The influence of psychosocial factors on recovery after surgery for oesophageal cancer”.

We wish you a very warm welcome Yangjun!

Yangjun Liu at Surgical Care Sciences in her office

Grant from Forte

We are pleased to have received 2,930,000 SEK for the project "Physical training program for better survivorship and return to work after extensive cancer surgery" from Forte – Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare.

Kick off autumn term 2017

Together with the Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery research group we had a nice kick off at van der Nootska palatset in mid September. The program included brainstorming about new projects, a presentation by the Dean of Research Anders Gustavsson and Anethe Mansén from Career service. We also had a nice guided tour around the historical Old Town.

The Dean of Research Anders Gustavsson holding a presentation

The group was invited for a guided tour through Gamla stan

End of term seminar and picnic

On 14th June we had our end of term seminar at Piperska Muren with external and internal talks followed by a nice picnic in Rålambshovsparken.

Seminarium kirurgisk vårdvetenskap

Terminsavslutning kirurgisk vårdvetenskap 20170614


Congratulations Ylva Hellstadius for a well conducted dissertation on June 2nd, 2017, see Dissertations

End of Term

The groups Upper GI Surgery and Surgical Care Science have had their traditional End of Year seminar this week. Jesper Lagergren and Pernilla Lagergren have a summary of the excellent achievements we have accomplished this year. We also listened to assistant professor Helin V. Norberg talking about the timely topic autophagy. Thereafter we enjoyed a vegetarian Christmas lunch together. Thanks for a very productive 2016 and looking forward to 2017. Merry Christmas everyone!

Half time seminar

Congratulations Poorna Anand for a well conducted half-time on 9th November 2016.

A Sino-Sweden Joint Workshop: New developments in Oesophageal Cancer

We hosted a well-attended workshop the 13th to 14th of October with the title "Recent Developments in Oesophageal Cancer" in the Aula Medica at KI. Among the very prominent guests was the President of the Nanjing Medical University, professor Hongbing Shen, together with other researchers from the same university. We discussed on-going studies, future plans and opportunities for collaboration between the Chinese researchers and the groups Upper GI Surgery and Surgical Care Science. We also listened to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for International Affairs at KI, professor Maria Masucci and a nestor of KI-China collaborations, professor Ingemar Ernberg.

The workshop was a part of a China-Sweden Network Grant we received earlier this year, funded by the Swedish Research Council in Sweden and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in China.

Poorna Anand reciver of a poster prize

During the MMK Department’s Day 17 May 2016 there was a poster expedition and everybody could vote for the best poster. We are very delighted that Poorna was the winner with her poster and she received a diploma from the Head of the Department, Martin Bäckdahl. Congratulations Poorna!


Congratulations Lovisa Backemar for a well conducted dissertation on March 11, 2016, see Dissertations

Pernilla Lagergren recipient of Anders Jahres prize in medicine for young researcher

Congratulation Pernilla to this prestigious prize. She is awarded the prize for her ”groundbreaking research on factors that affect survival and quality of life following cancer surgery”. See link for more information:

New post-doc researcher

We welcome our new post-doc researcher Anna Schandl to the group.

Publication in Journal of Clinical Oncology

Congratulations to the very nice publication in the Journal of Clinical Oncology entitled Psychiatric Morbidity and Survival After Surgery for Esophageal Cancer: A Population-Based Cohort Study

Conducted by Anna Wikman, Rickard Ljung, Asif Johar, Ylva Hellstadius, Jesper Lagergren, and Pernilla Lagergren

Half time

Congratulations Ylva Hellstadius for a well conducted half-time on 16th December 2014.

Ylva Hellstadius

Associate Professor

We congratulate Anna Wikman who, in November 2014, was appointed as Associate Professor in Psychology.

New Research Nurse

We welcome our new Research Nurse Kalle Mällberg to the group. He will mainly work in the OSCAR study.

Thank you Ana Hagström

We would like to thank Ana for her working efforts as a research nurse and her efforts in the OSCAR study. Good Luck in the future!

Half time

Congratulations Lovisa Backemar for a well conducted half-time on 3 June 2014.

Report on our research

A report on what our research, based on the SECC network, has resulted in over a 20 year period has been distributed to colleagues in Sweden.


Congratulations Maartje van der Schaaf for a well conducted dissertation on April 25, see Dissertations.

OSCAR study

January 1, 2014 we started the inclusion of patients in the OSCAR study, and the study is expected to last for 5 years.

Research award

Congratulations to Pernilla Lagergren who is the recipient of the Sven and Ebba-Christina Hagbergs prize 2012 of 300 000 SEK. She receives the prize thanks to her ground-breaking research in health-related quality of life after surgery for cancer, mainly oesophageal cancer.

Research award

Congratulations to Maryam Derogar who is the recipient of the Dimitris N. Chorafas prize 2013 of 5 000 USD for her thesis on health-related quality of life and survival after oeseophageal cancer surgery.

Extra grant from the Swedish Research Council

Congratulations to Pernilla Lagergren who receives an extra grant of 580 000 SEK from the Swedish Research Council.

Money for conference

Congratulations to Ylva and Lovisa who received 15,000 SEK each from Radiumhemmets Research Funds to be used for participation in an International Quality of Life conference organized by the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL)

Research Assistant

Rickard has been appointed one of Karolinska Institutet's central 4-yar positions as research assistant with a total funding of 3 million SEK. Congratulations!

New master student

We welcome Poorna Arnand who will complete a master thesis in nutrition under supervision by Lena Martin. Her project addresses how body composition influences the risk of toxicity during neoadjuvant chemotherapy for oesophageal cancer.

New master student

We welcome Andreas Vall who will complete a project with us this term as part of his medical training. The project is a validation study of the tumour classification data (TNM) of oesophageal cancer in the Swedish Cancer Registry. Nele is the supervisor.

New PhD candidate

We congratulate Jesper, Nele, Rickard and Hashem who got funding (KID-funding) for a PhD candidate for a research project addressing prevention of oesophageal adenocarcinoma.