Funding & collaborators


Dr. Luke Elisabeth Hanna, National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis, India

Prof. Andrew D Badley, Mayo Clinic, US

Prof. Susan Engelbrecht and Dr. Graeme Jacobs, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Asso. Prof. Aman Russom, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Prof. Stefan Sarafianos, Emory University, US

Prof. Thomas Klimkait, University of Basel, Switzerland

Prof. Ulf Landgren, Uppsala University, Sweden



The Swedish Research Council, Research Environment Grant in Interdisciplinary Research- (2018-06156: 2019- 2024) -PI

The Swedish Research Council-Establishment Grant- (2017-01330: 2018-2021) PI

Swedish Physicians against AIDS Foundation- (2018-2019: Fob20170004) PI

Karolinska Institutet Doctoral Funding (2017–2020:KID2015-154) PI

Jonas Söderquist’s Stipendium for Experimental Virology and Immunology Research-2016 (Award)

US National Institute of Health (R01 GM118012-01) (Site-PI)

Swedish Research Council (2015-05914/2017- 05848) (Co-I)

Stockholm County Council, ALF-Project Funding Medicine (Ref#20160074) (Co-I)


Harald and Greta Jeansson Foundation (JS2016-0185)

Karolinska Institutet Research Foundation Grants special grant for Young Scientist

Swedish Physicians against AIDS Foundation (Fob20170004/Fob2015-009)