Collaborative organisation KI-Region Stockholm

Collaboration between KI and Region Stockholm within clinical research and education is organised by the regional ALF agreement at three levels: senior management level, hospital level and operational level.

Collaboration at three levels

Here is a description of the collaborative organisation on clinical research, education and development of healthcare at three levels according to the regional ALF agreement, as well as how it is linked to management structures at KI and Region Stockholm, respectively.

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Organisationsbild KI-Region
Collaboration on three levels
Levels: Members, chairman and representatives:
1. Senior management level The management group KI-Region Stockholm with its preparatory bodies - the Research Advisory committee and the Education Advisory committee
2. Hospital level RD&E committees
3. Operational level RD&E groups under the respective RD&E committee
At all levels An equal number of representatives from KI and Region Stockholm

1. Senior management level

At the senior management level, there is the management group KI-Region Stockholm, as well as two councils that are subordinate to the management group for collaboration in research and development issues (the Research Advisory Committee) and educational issues (the Education Advisory Committee). The tasks of these bodies are regulated in the regional ALF agreement.

Members & contact at the Senior management level

From KI:

From Region Stockholm:

From KI:

From Region Stockholm:

  • Zilla Jonsson, Chairperson
  • Anders Sondén
  • Charlotte Leandersson
  • Jeanette Kuhl
  • Jeanette Westman
  • Kati Liljebäck
  • Susanne Kalén, Administrator

From KI:

From Region Stockholm:

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Management group
KI-Region Stockholm

The management group has the overall responsibility for how collaboration between KI and Region Stockholm is organised and implemented. The group is also responsible for strategic considerations and decisions that are needed for the construction and development of university healthcare.

The management group makes decisions about:

  • what units are defined as university healthcare units (USV units)
  • evaluation and follow-up of initiatives within university healthcare
  • overall budget for the joint ALF and RD&E funds that Region Stockholm allocates to clinical research and education, infrastructure for clinical research and education and for the development of healthcare
  • principles for allocation and accounting of funds covered by the ALF agreement
  • where work-based training is to be conducted and about long-term investments in infrastructure

Research Advisory Committee:

  • is responsible for the development of clinical research and healthcare
  • proposes how the budget for clinical research should be distributed
  • prepares calls for competitive funding for clinical research
  • coordinates efforts for the development of research environments and research infrastructures
  • prepares proposals for criteria and forms for evaluation of USV units, in consultation with the Education Council
  • monitors the development of USV units

Education Advisory Committee:

  • is responsible for the development of work-based education
  • proposes which care units will conduct work-based training
  • proposes how the budget for work-based education should be distributed
  • is responsible for the development of learning environments
  • prepares announcements of competitive funds for educational development

2. Hospital level

At the hospital level, there is an RD&E committee at each hospital/equivalent that conducts university healthcare.

Members & contact at the Hospital level

The chairperson and contact persons from KI and Region Stockholm for each RD&E committee:

Karolinska University Hospital:

Danderyd Hospital:

Stockholm South General Hospital:

Stockholm Health Care Service (SLSO):

St. Erik's Eye Hospital:

Capio St. Göran's Hospital:

Klinisk forskning samverkan
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From 2021, there are RD&E committees at:

  1. Karolinska University Hospital
  2. Danderyd Hospital
  3. Stockholm South General Hospital
  4. St. Erik's Eye Hospital
  5. Capio St. Göran's Hospital
  6. Stockholm Health Care Service (SLSO)

R&D Committees:

  • decide the strategic use of allocated resources and resource allocation at the operational level (RD&E groups; clinic/equivalent)
  • submit annual reports including economic reports of allocated ALF/RD&E funds to the management group KI-Region Stockholm
  • work to ensure that research and education have optimal conditions
  • allocate RD&E funds to finance local RD&E infrastructures
  • support and follow up USV units at the hospital/equivalent
  • fulfil other assignments that the management group KI-Region Stockholm decides on

Assignment of RD&E committees (pdf in Swedish)

3. Operational level

At the operational level (clinic or equivalent) there are RD&E groups under the respective RD&E committee.

Clinical, hospital
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RD&E groups:

  • decide on the use of allocated resources
  • perform other tasks as decided by the respective RD&E committee