National and regional ALF agreements

KI's collaboration with the healthcare sector is described in the so-called ALF agreement, which regulates the state's compensation to the county councils for certain costs related to education and medical research.

ALF agreement

A large part of the students' education takes place in the region's hospitals, in outpatient care and in municipal healthcare facilities. More than half of KI's departments have activities that take place in the county council environment, and many of KI’s doctoral students, researchers and teachers work within the region's large hospitals.

Region Stockholm allocates funds of approximately the same size as a supplement to the ALF compensation. KI and Region Stockholm are jointly responsible for the distribution of these resources.

National ALF agreement

The national ALF agreement is between the Swedish state and certain county councils regarding cooperation on undergraduate medical education, medical research and healthcare development.

Regional ALF agreement

The national ALF agreement is supplemented by regional agreements between concerned county councils (regions) and universities.