News from the Division of Insurance Medicine

New thesis

Chantelle Murley has successfully defended her doctoral thesis entitled Work disability, economic situation, and societal costs of multiple sclerosis in Sweden.

You can read her thesis here

Ridwan Amin has defended his thesis

Ridwan Amin has defended his doctoral thesis entitled Suicidal behaviour and healthcare use among refugees.

You can read his thesis here.

New study found no evidence of increased risk of suicide

This new observational study is the first to examine suicides occurring during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in multiple countries and finds that suicide numbers largely remained unchanged or declined in the pandemic’s early months. However, the authors stress that governments must remain vigilant as the longer-term mental health and economic effects of the pandemic unfold and be poised to respond if the situation changes.

Few studies have examined the effects of any widespread infectious disease outbreaks on suicide. The new study included around 70 authors from 30 countries who are members of the International COVID-19 Suicide Prevention Research Collaboration (ICSPRC), which was created to share knowledge about the impact of the pandemic on suicide and suicidal behaviour, and advise on ways to mitigate any risks.

The study is published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal.

Emilie Friberg has been granted 3,2 million SEK

Emilie Friberg has been granted 3,2 million SEK from the AFA Insurance in order to study health and work ability among pedestrians of working age who were injured in a fall accident in a road environment or in a collision with another road user.

Kristin Farrants has been granted 3,8 million SEK from AFA

Kristin Farrants has been granted 3.8 million SEK from AFA Insurance to study sickness absence and disability pension among blue-collar workers in the trade industry during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The researchers will study sickness absence and disability pension among blue-collar workers in general, among people in risk groups for serious Covid-19, and if specific occupations had particularly high sickness absence during the pandemic. This will be compared with their prior morbidity and sickness absence.

Linjing Chen has been granted 1 million SEK

Linjing Chen has been granted 1 million SEK from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund for a project which focuses on mapping and evaluating sickness absence, disability pension, future life and work situation among adult cancer survivors.

Professor Kristina Alexanderson has been awarded the 2020 Silver Medal

Kristina Alexanderson, Professor of Social Insurance at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience has been awarded the medal for her excellent contribution to the development of social insurance research and competence at KI. She has placed KI firmly on the map as a leading university in the field, nationally as well as internationally.

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A new grant

Kristin Farrants, Kristina Alexanderson and Staffan Marklund have been granted 740 000 kr from Forte for their project: "Health and morbidity among people in paid work after the standard retirement age: A systematic review".

You will find more information regarding Fortes grant decisions here

A new report on psychosocial work environment

The report contains two systematic literature reviews that bring together existing knowledge in the form of previously published systematic reviews and provides knowledge in relation to the question of what creates healthy, vital workplaces.

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New grants to the Division of Insurance Medicine

Jurgita Narusyte and Magnus Helgesson have been granted 4.9 million SEK each from AFA Insurance within their research program “Living and working with mental ill-health”.

You can read more about the grants here

New licentiate thesis

Linnea Kjeldgård has defended her licentiate thesis entitled Sickenss absence and disability pension among individuals injured in a bicycle crash.

Link to the thesis

New doctoral thesis 

Mirkka Söderman has defended her doctoral thesis entitled Healthcare professionals’ work with sickness absence: with focus on oncology.

You can read the thesis here

New doctoral thesis

Rasmus Elrud has defended his thesis entitled Sickness absence, disability pension, and permanent medical impairment among car occupants injured in a crash.

New publication: Long-term medication for schizophrenia is safe

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet and their colleagues in Germany, the USA and Finland have studied the safety of very long-term antipsychotic therapy for schizophrenia. According to the study, which is published in the scientific journal World Psychiatry, mortality was higher during periods when patients were not on medication than when they were.

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The EUMASS congress 2021

The EUMASS congress has been postponed to 16-18 September 2021.

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