Research at the Division of Insurance Medicine

We study sickness absence in general, regarding different diagnoses (e.g. psychiatric, musculoskeletal, MS, diabetes, coronary heart disease, breast cancer etc), different occupational groups, or life situations (e.g., migration, older, young, giving birth).

Our research areas are:

  1. Risk factors for sickness absence/disability pension
  2. Risk factors and protective factors for return to work
  3. Consequences of being on sickness absence/disability pension
  4. Physician's sickness absence certification practice

Our studies are based on data from different registers, surveys and interviews.

We use both epidemiological and qualitative methods and conduct both observational and intervention studies.

Our Division is interdisciplinary and multiprofessional: we are e.g. physicians, psychologists, sociologists, epidemiologists, statisticians, social workers, health economists.

Our statisticians:

We have three research groups: