Research Groups at the Division of Surgery and Oncology

Emergency and Trauma Surgery

Research fields

  • Emergency- and trauma surgery
  • Gallstone disease
  • Hernia surgery
  • Acute ERAS (Enhanced Revocery After Surgery) and perioperative care
  • Surgical simulators and Learning
  • Screening


Folke Hammarqvist, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Rebecka Ahl, MD, PhD
Ulf Fränneby, MD, PhD
Ann Kjellin, MD, PhD


John Thörling
Agnieszka Popowicz
Hanna Ribbing-Wilén

The research group for esophageal and gastric cancer

Research group leader:  Professor Magnus Nilsson

Main research areas

  • Heredity in esophageal and gastric cancer.
  • Basic and translational research on adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and stomach is conducted in close collaboration with Andrea Ponzetta's lab at CIM, MedH, KI.
  • Project on peritoneal metastases in gastric cancer, including basic research, clinical trials and translational projects focused on intraperitoneal administration of new treatments.
  • Randomized studies in esophageal and gastric cancer
    • NeoRes2 - randomized study on the timing of surgery after completion of chemotherapy in esophageal cancer.
    • NEEDS - randomized trial. Mandatory surgery versus surgery as needed after chemoradiotherapy in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
    • EPICURE – Randomized phase II study on PIPAC as an adjuvant in the curative treatment of gastric cancer with a high risk of peritoneal recurrence.
    • IPa-Gastric – Randomized phase II-III study on intraperitoneal cytostatic treatment in gastric cancer with peritoneal metastases.
  • Studies on quality of life and symptoms after surgery in esophageal and gastric cancer.
  • Epidemiological studies on esophageal and gastric cancer based on various national registers.


Magnus Nilsson, Professor 
Mats Lindblad,Professor
Ioannis Rouvelas, Associate Professor
Fredrik Klevebro, Associate Professor            
Maria Gustafsson Liljefors, Associate Professor
Berit Sunde, PhD
Gabriella Alexandersson von Döbeln, PhD
Maria Lampi, PhD
Lisa Liu Burström, PhD
Jessica Ericson, PhDnd
Lars Lundell, Professor emeritus

Liver surgery


Christian Sturesson
Cecilia Strömberg
Ernesto Sparrelid
Bengt Isaksson
Anders Jansson
Eduard Jonas, docent

Lower abdominal surgery


Monika Svanfeldt Consultant surgeon, PhD
Ulf Gunnarsson Professor, Consultant

Pancreas surgery


Ralf Segersvärd Med dr
Marco del Chiari, docent
Johan Permert, professor
Rainer Heuchel
Matthias Löhr, professor

Cancer Cell Invasion – Marco Gerling's research group

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Åsa Catapano