Work with Radioactivity

Room for work with Radioactive isotopes

Room nr: U220 06 3400

Responsible person: Andreas Lundqvist.

General information and Working routines:

The room is equipped and certified for the use of radioactive isotopes. The room is locked and only certified users who have a licence to work with radioactivity are allowed to enter. To obtain the licence, contact Lena Engelin To get access to the room, contact You will also receive an introduction to working routines, instruments and waste handling. The important instruments include:

  • TOMTEC Harvester, WALLAC Sverige AB
  • Eppendorf centrifuge for falcon tubes
  • NinoSAFE class II Sterile cabinet
  • Two Chemical cabinets
  • MicroBeta 2R – 2450 Microplate counter

Precision X-Ray - X-Rad 225 system

Room nr: U2300 52100 

Responsible person: Stina Wickström.

General information:

The instrument is yearly served and calibrated. To use the equipment, contact You will receive a short introduction to the working routines and guidelines. A similar equipment can be found at Biomedicum.

1480 Automatic Gamma-counter, Wizard TM 3’’, PerkinElmer

1470 Automated Gamma-counter, Wizard TM, WALLAC