Research focus of the Experimental Traumatology research unit

Our research focus is experimental traumatology, which includes aspects of trauma pathology, prehospital and intrahospital treatment and military medicine.

Research focus of the Experimental traumatology unit; blood transfusion, lung and airway research.

We perform research in acute and chronic traumatic brain injury, trauma-related peripheral nerve regeneration, mechanical traumatic bleeding control and Pre-Hospital Advanced Airway Management (PHAAM).

We investigate Personal Armor Systems, Injury assessment for blast-related events and Biotechnology, Human Enhancement/Human Augmentation.

We cover acute and chronic aspects of military trauma, including blast injuries, ballistic injuries, and traffic accidents, and investigate aspects of psychological consequences of trauma.

Our current long-term research goals include (but are not limited to): 
Fundamental knowledge to evaluate and develop clinical guidelines for surgical and anaesthesiologic skills forward, including:

  • Haemorrhage control
  • Care of the injured brain
  • Airway control and oxygenation
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