Specialized Microscopy Systems at BIC

The BIC facility has several specialized microscopy systems that are optimized for various applications.

LaVision Light-Sheet Microscope

The light-sheet microscope from LaVision Biotec (UltraMicroscope II) is for whole tissue imaging using cleared transparent tissue. The microscope is optimized for organic solvent-based clearing method such as 3DISCO (iDisco).


  • Laser lines (nm): 405, 488, 561, 639, 785.
  • Objectives: 2X with 0.63X to 6.3X adjustment (total magnification is 1.26X to 12.6X), WD = approximately 5.6 mm.
  • Extra: Tiling and Dynamic horizontal focus. For long working distance objectives (1.1X, 4X, 12X), please contact the BIC facility.
  • Software: ImSpector and TeraStitcher for stitching.

Quorum Angstrom

The Angstrom Grid Confocal Microscope is a Leica wide field fluorescence microscope that is equipped with a structural light unit that allows confocal images with an inverted wide field microscope. The system is suited for 3D/4D imaging of fixed samples and living cells. Fluorophores that are excited at the following wave lengths 405, 458, 477, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm can be detected. It can also be used for simultaneous differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy. In addition, the system is equipped with  a piezo stage and software to perform classic deconvolution microscopy. An external motorized pulsed dye laser (Micropoint laser from Photonic Instruments, Inc.) can be used for 365nm ablation.

Image acquisition, visualization, quantification, and restoration can be performed by the Volocity image analysis software. The software is also available for quantification and analysis of images acquired on different systems since the analysis workstation can be booked separately from the microscope.

Zeiss LSM510 NLO Microscope (2-photon)

The Zeiss LSM510 NLO system is built around an fixed upright Axioscope microscope with a motorised x/y-stage.


  • Laser lines (nm): 670-1080, 488, 515, 561, 594, 647.
  • Objectives: 20x Objective, NA=1.0, working distance 8 mm, 40x Objective, NA=0.8, working distance 6 mm,
  • Extra: Coherent Cameleon UltraII, E-phys.
  • Software: Zen black.

Zeiss PALM µ-dissection 


This Zeiss Observer Z1 widefield microscope is equipped with temperature and CO2 control for live cell imaging.  Possible image modalities include bright field, epifluorescence microscopy, DIC, phase contrast, TIRF and FRAP.  


  • Illumination: Halogen lamp, Mercury lamp, Calibri 2 LED (365, 470 and 590nm), TIRF/FRAP lasers (458, 488, 514, 561nm) 
  • Filters: Alexa fluor 568 (31), TIRF 514 (53), Cy5 (50), HE BFP/GFP/HcRed (62), HE GFP/mRFP, DIC Transmitted light 
  • Objectives: EC phnN 10x/0.3 Ph1 DICI, pln Apo 20x/0.8 DICII, plan Apo 40x/0.95 DICIII, pln Apo 63x/1.4 oil DICII, AlphaPln 100x/1.46 Ph3 DICII
  • Cameras: Rolera-em-c2, AxioCam MRm 
  • Motorized stage 
  • Incubation: temperature, CO2 and humidity control 
  • Software: Zen2 


If you are interested in more details we have compiled a sheet for you under More information. The information could be useful when choosing between different systems. 

You are always welcome to contact us if you need further information or guidance among the systems.

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