Where to find the BIC microscopes

On this page you will find your way to the microscopes via our floor plans as well as written directions.

Biomedicum. Photo: Stefan Zimmerman
Biomedicum. Photo: Stefan Zimmerman

Visiting us

The Biomedicum Imaging Core Facility (BIC) is located in the Biomedicum on the KI Campus in Solna. BIC’s microscopes can be found on the second floor (Rooms A0251/A0255) as well as the sixth floor (Rooms D0611/ D0613) of the Biomedicum building.

Visiting address: Solnavägen 9, 171 65 Solna

Facility email: bic@ki.se


Photo: Anna Kouznetsova

Image Analysis Room A0251

Entry to BIC2 is through Image Analysis Room A0251.

Equipment in A0251

Left hand side:

  • WS8 (with Amira)
  • WS6 (with Imaris)
  • WS7 (with Imaris)
  • WS4 (with NIS Elements +ZEN)

Right hand side:

  • Fridge/Frizzier
  • Tape drive
  • WS3 (with Imaris)

Microscope Room A0255

To reach the Microscope room A0255, enter via Image analysis room A0251, and proceed straight ahead.

Equipment in A0255

Left hand side (in the order from the entrance):

  • Evident Alpha 3 Light Sheet
  • LaVision Biotec Ultra Microscope II Light Sheet
  • Olympus IX73 Widefield Fluorescence
  • Zeiss AxioScan.Z1 Slide scanner
  • Cubicle for Demo systems

Right hand side (in the order from the entrance):

  • Zeiss LSM800-Airy CLSM confocal
  • Zeiss LSM700 CLSM confocal
  • Zeiss LSM800 CLSM confocal
  • Zeiss LSM900-Airy CLSM confocal
  • Zeiss LSM880 CLSM confocal

Please note emergency exit is located at the back of the microscopy room A0255, opposite the entrance.


Photo: Anna Kouznetsova

Wet Lab Room D0611

Entry to BIC6 is throught Wet Lab Room D0611.

Equipment in D0611

Left hand side:

  • Work bench for the Wet Lab
  • Work bench for MERSCOPE users

Right hand side (in order from the entrance):

  • Fridge/Frizzier
  • Cell incubator / HCS IncuCyte
  • Entrance to the Microscope Room D0613
  • Thermofisher EVOS M700 Widefield Fluorescence microscope
  • HCS IncuCyte computer

Microscope room D0613

To reach the microscope room D0613, enter via Wet Lab Room D0611 and turn right to the Microscope room D0613

Equipment in D0613

Left hand side (in the order from the entrance):

  • Zeiss Cell Observer Live Cell widefield
  • Leica DMI6000 Live Cell widefield
  • Vizgen MERSCOPE Spatial transcriptomics
  • Olympus FV1000 CLSM Confocal
  • Zeiss “Calcium upright” Widefield Fluorescence
  • Leica Stellaris 5 X CLSM confocal
  • Nikon Crest SDM Spinning Disk confocal

Right hand side (in order from the entrance):

  • Zeiss LSM980-Airy CLSM confocal
  • Leica Mica CLSM confocal (demo system)
  • Olympus FV4000 CLSM Confocal (demo system)
  • Leica Stellaris 5 LIA CLSM confocal
  • Zeiss LSM510 NLO 2-photon CLSM

Please note that the emergency exit is located at the back of the Wet Lab Room D0611, opposite the entrance.

Download floor plans

Choosing a microscope

If you are interested in more details, we have compiled detailed information about our instruments. The information could be useful when choosing between different microscopes. 

You are always welcome to contact us if you need further information or guidance among the microscopes.