Upcoming activities and events at BIC

Check out our events. You will also find links to informative sites if you like to dig deeper into the theory behind the techniques we use at the BIC facility.

BIC clinic
Photo: Shigeaki Kanatani

BIC ImageClinic

BIC ImageClinics are drop-in recurring sessions targeted at BIC and potential users, during which you can discuss different aspects on microscopy, experimental design, image analysis, presentation and much more, with the BIC staff. Welcome to drop by with your questions!

Upcoming sessions:

  • July 31st 2024,  9:00-12:00, Room C0412
  • August 14th 2024,  9:00-12:00, Room C0412
  • August 28th 2024,  9:00-12:00, Room C0412
  • September 11th 2024,  9:00-12:00, Room C0412
  • September 25th 2024,  9:00-12:00, Room C0412
  • October 9th 2024,  9:00-12:00, Room C0412
  • October 23d 2024,  9:00-12:00, Room C0412
  • November 6th 2024,  9:00-12:00, Room C0412
  • November 20th 2024,  9:00-12:00, Room C0412
  • December 4th 2024,  9:00-12:00, Room C0412
  • December 18th 2024,  9:00-12:00, Room C0412 (last session before the Christmas break)

Check some helpful resources for image collection and analysis

Fiji is an open-source software for microscope image analysis. With Fiji, you can visualize your results, utilize custom plugins, and create your own analysis macros for automated image processing and quantification. Explore the tutorials to get started with image analysis and enhance your skills.

CellProfiler is a free software dedicated to cell image analysis. It allows you to design pipelines for automatic processing and measure the phenotypes of interest in your images. Follow online tutorials and look at examples to learn how to build your own analysis pipelines. BIC users can also request access to materials from the CellProfiler workshop held by BIC.

Imaris, a powerful 3D and 4D image analysis software, enables scientists to explore complex biological data, visualize cellular structures, track dynamic processes, and quantify features within multidimensional microscopy images. Check out the collections of tutorial videos (123) to get the most of Imaris’ capabilities.

The Microscopy Series on iBiology is a collection of free online tutorials that cover the basics of optics, transmitted light microscopy, various methods of imaging fluorescent samples, camera operation, image processing, and the latest advances in light microscopy.

MicroscopyU, created by Nikon, is an educational resource that offers comprehensive information, interactive tutorials, and timely updates on all aspects of optical microscopy, photomicrography, and digital imaging.

The Fluorescence SpectraViewer by Thermo Fisher Scientific is a tool that allows users to compare the excitation and emission parameters for many fluorophores, helping them find compatible reagents and optimal filters for their experiments.

Euro-BioImaging is a European research infrastructure that provides open access to state-of-the-art imaging technologies, training, and data services in biological and biomedical imaging for life science researchers.

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