BIC - our offer

The Biomedicum Imaging Core Facility (BIC) offers a wide range of advanced light microscopy technology and imaging tools and welcomes users from both academia and industry.



BIC welcomes users from both academia and industry. Please note that the rates at BIC will be raised from May 1st, 2024

Academic user fees

  • Introductory course to a microscope: 2 600 SEK/session (includes registration and login to the iLab booking system) 
  • Cross-over training: Learn more about a new microscope within the same category: 650 SEK/session 
  • Consultations: 260 SEK/session 

Confocal microscopes

Zeiss, Leica and Nikon confocal systems:

  • up to six hours 260 SEK/hour 
  • after six hours 65 SEK/hour

Olympys FV1000: 130 SEK/hour

Widefield microscopes

Zeiss Leica and Olympus widefield fluorescence systems:

  • 130 SEK/hours (six hours and more 33 SEK/hour)

Thermofisher EVOS M7000: No hourly fee for BIC users

Specialised microscopy systems

Light sheet microscope (LaVision):

  • up to six hours 260 SEK/hour 
  • after six hours 65 SEK/hour

High throughout systems

  • up to six hours: 260 SEK/hour
  • after six hours 65 SEK/hour

Image processing and Analysis

  • Analysis workstations: No hourly fee for BIC users

Industrial user fee

The services at the BIC facility are also available for industrial users. The rates are 200% of the above-mentioned fees.


All fees for academic and industrial users include the INDI*

*(Indirect administrative costs)

Additional services


Researchers are welcome to reach out to us for consultation on:

  • Microscopy
  • Experimental design
  • Post-acquisition image analysis
  • Image quantification
  • Assisted microscopy sessions

BIC also provides microscope trainings, courses and workshops.

For further information, please email

BIC ImageClinics

BIC clinic
Photo: Shigeaki Kanatani

BIC ImageClinics are regular drop-in sessions for both current BIC users and those thinking about using our services. At these sessions, you can discuss with our BIC staff various aspects of microscopy, experimental design, image analysis, presentations, and more. Welcome to drop by with your questions!

Choosing a microscope and where to find it

If you are interested in more details, we have compiled detailed information about our instruments. The information could be useful when choosing between different microscopes.

You are always welcome to contact us if you need further information or guidance among the microscopes.

Where to find our instruments.