About us at PROCOME

PROCOME focuses on research on effects and implementation of innovative improvement programs in different type of organizations, with specific focus on health and social care.

The research aims to increase knowledge regarding the effects and implementation of different types of improvement programs.

Although the projects are seemingly diverse they share certain common outlines. A main outline of the research is to combine knowledge concerning the process to change with the content of change in order to understand effects. Consequently, there is a significant emphasis on implementation aspects, i.e., how to introduce and conduct interventions in practice. In addition, we aim to contribute to the understanding of how we know if an change is improvement and not only a change, or no change at all. We also develop methods that help to uncover what works for whom when. In other words, we want to contribute to evaluation methodology.

Furthermore, an additional main outline of our research is to examine how different organizational improvement projects affect employees' work situation and work-related health as well as the organization's competitiveness. We relate changes in the staff's perception of a work situation to the social impact, that is, what effects these changes will have on the clients, patients, users etc.


PROCOME has considerable national and international collaboration. PROCOME also collaborates with the Unit for Implementation and Evaluation at the Center for Epidemiology and Community Medicine at Stockholm County Council. The aim fo the unit is to provide evidence-based information, tools and support for implementation to the regional service and care managers and co-workers. Several of the members of the PROCOME research group also work part time at the Unit for Implementation and Evaluation. Find out more!

Pedagogical operations

PROCOME's areas of pedagogical competence are implementation, förändringsarbete, leadership, methods for evaluation and quantitative methods. The group members contribute to various course activities (lectures, group work management, examinations) mainly at the Medical Management Center (MMC) at KI .

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