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Job crafting interventions − what is required for employees to be able to design and redesign their work? 

Project description 

Job crafting (JC) refers to self-initiated changes that employees introduce to their jobs to optimize their job design and increase the fit between the job and their needs and preferences. These behaviors can be stimulated by job crafting training interventions, which aim to change how individual employees design, organize, or manage their work. However, knowledge on JC interventions and their effects is still scarce. Additionally, the findings are spread across distinct theoretical approaches and the interventions are implemented in various ways. We have yet to determine which context and intervention factors are necessary or sufficient to achieve desired outcomes. The overall aim of the project is to investigate how to implement effective JC interventions.  

The project entails a systematic review of JC intervention literature combined with an innovative analytic method (coincidence analysis) to identify conditions that affect intervention outcomes. Through Group Concept Mapping, we will address implementation sustainability of JC interventions. Finally, a co-created program logic process, involving practitioners, will provide implementation guidelines for JC interventions in Sweden. 


Marta Roczniewska – Project leader 

Henna Hasson 

Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz 

Arnold B. Bakker 

Anna Rogala 

Magdalena Marszalek 


Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life 


PROCOME researcher receives two-year grant from FORTE for project that explores how employees can redesign their work to match their needs


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