Road traffic injury prevention

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The research within road traffic injury prevention is led by professor Anders Kullgren, who is affiliated to the Karolinska Institutet. Anders Kullgren is also Head of the Road Traffic Safety Research Department at Folksam Insurance Company.

The aim of the research is to map parameters influencing the risk to be injured in road traffic accidents. The different projects are to a large extent based on accident data from Folksam, where an important source of information comes from crash pulse recorders, so called black boxes. They give information of the forces acting on the human in a crash. Together with data on injury outcome, detailed information of the car, the use of restraint systems and of how the road environment was designed, factors influencing the injury outcome are analyzed. The research is also based on more comprehensive data but with lower degree of detail, such as all crashes reported in Sweden reported by the police and hospitals (STRADA). These studies are more of an epidemiological kind.

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