PhD-students - Renal Medicine

Current postgraduate students

Ehab Al-Sodany

Renal and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with advanced stage CKD

Samsul Arefin

Small artery calcification under uremic environment: Implications for cardiovascular complications

Kristin Danielson Pistis

Iron metabolism in chronic kidney disease

Peter Hemmingsson

Complement antibodies and other risc factors in ANCA-vasculitis

Sam Hobson

Chronic kidney disease and premature vascular aging: focus on injury woth potential for targeted interventions

Asta Jonasdottir

Biomarkers and genetic susceptibility in ANCA-associated vasculitis

Anna Levin

Etiologi och patogenes av kroniska njursjukdomar


Learning in situations of perceived unpleasantness

Jessica Smolander

Early signs of transplant glomerulopathy and prognostics factors for long-term renal allograft survival

Emelie Westergren

Inflammatory mechanisms and biomarkers in IgA nephritis and vasculitis.