PhD-students - Renal Medicine

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Current postgraduate students

Samsul Arefin

Arefin, Samsul
Title of the project: Small artery calcification under uremic environment: Implications for cardiovascular complications
Supervisors: Karolina Kublickiene, Peter Stenvinkel, Anna Witasp, Mathias Loberg-Haarhaus

Lu Dai

Dai, Lu
Title of the project: Chronic kidney disease – a clinical model of premature vascular ageing
Supervisors: Peter Stenvinkel, Karolina Kubliciene, Anna Witasp

Kristin Danielson Pistis

Danielson Pistis, Kristin
Title of the project: Iron metabolism in chronic kidney disease
Supervisors: Peter Bárány, Soheir Beshara, Abdul Rashid Qureshi

Ulrika Hahn Lundström

Hahn Lundström, Ulrika
Title of the project: Decline in renal function and optimized planning for renal replacement therapy
Supervisors: Marie Evans, Ulf Hedin, Juan Jesus Carrero, Peter Stenvinkel

Marie Hilderman

Hilderman, Marie
Title of the project: Cholinergic anti-inflammatory function in chronic kidney disease with reference to dialysis, outcome and treatment
Supervisors: Annette Bruchfeld, Staffan Rosenborg

Sam Hobson

Hobson, Sam
Chronic kidney disease and premature vascular aging: focus on injury woth potential for targeted interventions
Supervisors: Karolina Kublicikiene, Peter Stenvinkel, Anna Witasp, Ljubica Perisic, Magnus Bäck, 10 %

Asta Jonasdottir

Jonasdottir, Asta
Title of the project: Biomarkers and genetic susceptibility in ANCA-associated vasculitis
Supervisors: Annette Bruchfeld, Iva Gunnarsson

Anna Levin

Levin, Anna
Title of the project: Etiologi och patogenes av kroniska njursjukdomar
Supervisors: Annika Wernerson, Annette Bruchfeld, Anna Witasp, Kjell Hultenby, Jaakko Patrakka

Annalena Lönn

Lönn, Annalena
Title of the project: Learning in situations of perceived unpleasantness
Supervisors: Annika Östman Wernersson, Maria Weurlander, Robert Thornberg

Erik Nilsson

Nilsson, Erik
Title of the project: Cardiovascular effects of hormonal alterations in chronic kidney disease
Supervisors: Peter Stenvinkel, Juan Jesus Carrero, Olof Hellberg, Olof Heimbürger

Björn Runesson

Runesson, Björn
Title of the project: Healthcare implications of kidney dysfunction
Supervisors: Juan Jesus Carrero, Peter Bárány, Abdul Rashid Qureshi, Carl-Gustaf Ellinder

Emelie Westergren

Westergren, Emelie
Title of the project: Inflammatory mechanisms and biomarkers in IgA nephritis and vasculitis.
Supervisors: Annette Bruchfeld. Jaakko Patrakka, Annika Östman Wernerson

Karin Windahl

Windahl, Karin
Title of the project: Nutritional status, body composition and diet in patients with chronic kidney disease
Supervisors: Marie Evans, Gerd Faxén Irving, Maarit Korkeila, Tora Almquist, Peter Stenvinkel