Lectures and Publications from the Division of Speech and Language Pathology

Scientific afternoons in Speech and Language Pathology

In January each year the Division of Speech and Language Pathology and the Medical Unit for SLP at the Karolinska University Hospital arrange an afternoon where researchers and clinicians share new research in and knowledge from different areas within the field (in Swedish). An invitation is extended to clinical SLPs and is free of charge.

For previous programs, please see our Swedish web page.

Next Scientific afternoon in Speech and Language Pathology 
takes place on January 17th, 2025.

Open lectures

Each year, the Division of Speech and Language Pathology arrange yearly open lectures for the public, with different themes. Previous themes have been communication and swallowing following dementia, Speech and language disorders in children and adolecents, and Stuttering – myths and knowledge.

Previous program, handouts and recorded lectures (in Swedish) can be found in our Swedish web page.

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