Collaboration and internationalization at the Division of Speech and Language Pathology


National collaborations

The Division of Speech and Language Pathology collaborates with other Swedish universities with SLP programs in Lund, Gothenburg, Linköping, Uppsala and Umeå at yearly education meetings, in network and in research, and collaborates around the interactive digital learning platform for SLP students (PUMA för utbildning).. Research collaborations are also established with other universities and organizations around Sweden.


We aim to create possibilities and opportunities for international collaboration and understanding through internationalization. At the Division for Speech and Language Pathology there are many different activities with this purpose, both in research and in education.

Anna Eva Hallin is the international coordinator at the Karolinska Institutet SLP program. Strategic decisions are made at the department level (CLINTEC) but are prepared in the SLP program steering committee with both student and teacher representation. In the strategy for internationalization at the SLP program (2022-2027) goals for both international exchanges and internationalization at home are outlined.

Internationalization at home

One of the goals in the strategy for internationalization is to have at least one international activity per semester within the regular courses of the SLP program. The purpose is to make sure that all SLP students participate in internationalization activities during their education, regardless of student participation in physical exchange opportunities. One example is the digital learning activity COIL (Collaborative online international learning) in semester 7, where students from four universities in different parts of the world share perspectives on the SLP profession.

In addition, at least one internationalization seminar for all SLP students and teachers is arranged each academic year, where one recurring theme is that incoming exchange students or students who have been on an exchange share their experiences.

Exchange studies at the SLP program

There are several exchange opportunities with different specializations and lengths for students who have completed at least four semesters the Karolinska Institutet SLP program. More about these opportunities and how to apply can be found on the SLP program website (in Swedish).

Currently, there are exchange agreements between the SLP program at KI and the University of Copenhagen, University of Illinois, Seton Hall University, University of São Paulo and Tampere University. At these universities, students can take courses and earn credit for the SLP program in one or more courses. SLP students can also register for the course Global Health during semester 7.

The SLP program is part of an international network of 21 universities from 16 countries called the Speech-Language Pathology International Network (SLP-IN). Among other things, the network organizes a one-week summer course in speech and language pathology in August each year.

Incoming students from our partner universities

From spring 2024, the SLP program offers a full semester taught in English for incoming international speech therapy students who attend our partner universities (ERASMUS+ or INK agreements): Seton Hall and the University of Illinois in the USA, the University of São Paolo in Brazil, the University of Tampere in Finland and Copenhagen University in Denmark. Incoming students are offered to take courses in English together with SLP students in semester 2, 4 and 6, and will at the same time contribute to our effort to increase our internationalization at home activities. Incoming students may also enroll in courses offered specifically for international students. International students with a good command of Swedish can also choose to register for theoretical courses in Swedish in the SLP program semester 5 (fall).

If you are a student at one of our partner universities and want to know more about courses and  the application process at the Karolinska Institutet Exchange study site. You can also contact the international coordinator Anna Eva Hallin directly with questions.

Erasmus+ traineeship/internship

The Division of Speech and Language Pathology has no exchange agreements for Erasmus+ traineeship/internship. We cannot arrange any clinical placements or traineeships in clinical speech language pathology. In some special cases, students can come as so-called “Freemovers” and carry out an Erasmus+ internship within a specific research project, but the student will not be registered at KI or get help with accommodation, Swedish courses etc. In addition, the student will not receive a Transcript of Records (ECTS) from KI upon completion of the traineeship.

If you are interested in doing an Erasmus+ traineeship/internship in research, start by reading more about the research at our division, to see if there are areas that might match your interests and skills. Any inquiries should always be directed to the international coordinator Anna Eva Hallin.

Teacher exchanges

Opportunities to teach abroad for teachers at the SLP program are available both in the Nordic countries and in Europe through international teacher exchange agreements. The SLP program currently has bilateral Erasmus+ agreements with Copenhagen University in Denmark, Tampere University and Åbo Akademi University in Finland as well as Thomas More University in Antwerp, Belgium. Both travel and accommodation can be reimbursed through the agreements. For physical teacher exchanges, the requirement is usually at least eight hours of teaching and that an agreement exists or is created between the universities.

The internationalization strategy of the SLP program includes shorter digital teacher exchanges, and then formal agreements are usually not required, but no compensation or grant can then be offered.

If you are an international teacher/researcher and are interested in a teacher exchange (either through Erasmus+ or a shorter digital exchange), please contact the international coordinator Anna Eva Hallin.

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