PhD-students at the Division of Renal Medicine

Current postgraduate students

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Ehab Al-Sodany

Renal and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with advanced stage CKD

Angelica Artborg

CKD and infectious diseases

Kristin Danielson Pistis

Iron metabolism in chronic kidney disease

Peter Hemmingsson

Complement antibodies and other risc factors in ANCA-vasculitis

Leah Hernandez

Uremia-induced early vascular ageing: targets of injury and potential therapeutics
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Annalena Lönn

Learning in situations of perceived unpleasantness

Alexandra Nowak

Infections, immune response and microbiome in kidney transplant recipients
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Jessica Smolander

Early signs of transplant glomerulopathy and prognostics factors for long-term renal allograft survival

Emelie Westergren

Inflammatory mechanisms and biomarkers in IgA nephritis and vasculitis.
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Jenny Wrackefeldt

Development and implication of a digital application for PROMS in patients with chronic kidney disease
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Joakim Österman

Heart failure, diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease; prognosis and new treatment opportunities
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