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Using the facility

The Live Cell Imaging Facility is a light microscopy facility at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition in Huddinge (campus Flemingsberg) and is open to all researchers.

What service will I get?

We are providing training to all researchers interested in using our microscopes.

During the training (3 hrs each day during a week) the LCI staff will teach you the necessary theory and will allow ample practice with your own samples including time when you will practice alone with your sample. We will also include preparation for image analysis if required by the project. The users are expected to bring samples as agreed upon during the preliminary discussions, watch some videos and do some assignments to prepare for the theory.



The Live Cell Imaging facility is open to all researchers. Prices are listed below.

- Users pay an entry fee once. This includes training as well as help with sample preparation, experimental design and image analysis. Additionally, users pay the usage fee, every year, 6 or 3 months depending on the length of their project. There is no additional fee per hour.

- The entry fee for the Nikon confocals gives access to 4 confocals (Tweety, Pegasus, Dragon and Orion).

- The entry fee for the Nikon widefield systems gives access to 4 widefield systems (Orion, Victor, Tweety and Minerva), 2 TIRF systems (Orion and Victor), STORM (Orion) and 1 spinning disk confocal (Victor .

- The entry fee for the Zeiss confocal gives access to 1 confocal with a multiphoton option (Zeus).

- The membership fee as well as the training fee is per user and cannot be transferred to any one else.

- Users of the microscopes have access to all analysis software without any additional entry fee (Imaris, NIS and MatLab).

1. Entry Fee (SEK)
Microscopes and analysis software, first time using the LCI facility 12.000
Microscopes and analysis software, already user of the LCI facility 9.000
Analysis software only (non-microscope users) 7.000
Laser microdissection (not including the costs for material) 3.000
Cell picker (not including the costs for material) 3.000
Laser microdissection and cell picker (not including the costs for material)) 5.000
PRIMO micropatterning (not including the costs for material) 3.000
PRIMO micromanufacturing (not including the costs for material) 3.000
2. Usage fee (SEK)
12 months 6 months 3 months 1 month 2 weeks
Microscopes and analysis software 18.000 11.000 7.000 4.000 NA
Analysis software only 10.000 6.000 4.000 2.000 NA
Primo or Laser microdissection/Cell picker 14.000 10.000 7.000 3.000 2.000


- For non academic users, the yearly fee and training is double.


If you are interesetd in using the microscopes, register for training (by sending an email to or as soon as a lab member joins so to avoid queuing for training!

Confocal and widefield membership application

Laser microdissection/cell picker and PRIMO membership application


LCI guidelines


LCI-facility - guidelines


The LCI facility guidelines must be followed by all users.