Link to LCI seminars and lectures

This is how to participate (as speaker or listener) to the LCI webinars and lectures:

  • Plug in your headset into a computer or a phone
  • Click on this Zoom link . When the Zoom link opens, be sure to click on the "Join Meeting as an Attendee". (Webinar ID is: 651 5051 9624).

  • The meeting window will open in the default browser

  • Click on Join meeting as an Attendee
  • Click on ‘open Zoom meeting’ or ‘Join from your browser’
  • Enter your name and email
  • Click on ‘Join with computer audio’ (you can run the test to make sure all works well)

If you are a speaker:

  • please use a headset as the sound is much better than the sound from a computer microphone
  • if possible, use ethernet instead of wifi