Image analysis

The LCI core facility in-house analyst will help you build your analysis pipeline. Please contact us to request help.

The LCI analysis software are located on 2 powerful servers which can be accessed from any computer.

VDI: less powerful and shared by several users but free. 

  • Imaris viewer
  • NIS Element full licence: Visualization, including of High content data (JOBS) and image analysis
  • Zen viewer: Visualization and simple rendering
  • ImageJ/Fiji: image processing and visualization freeware
  • Cell Profiler: 5D rendering and analysis freeware
  • MatLab: custom-made analysis scripting
  • Python: custom-made analysis scripting
  • CTFire: analysis of polarization microscopy images freeware
  • Omero: Data management freeware

Remote Desktop: much more powerful and only one user at a time but there is a fee.

  • Imaris full licence, ImarisFileConverter, ImarisViewer
  • M2 Deconvolution
  • NIS Element viewer
  • Zen viewer
  • ImageJ/Fiji: image processing and visualization freeware
  • JDK
  • Omero: Data management freeware

Instructions on how to access the LCI image analysis server

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