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About LCI facility

The Live Cell Imaging Facility is a light microscopy facility at the Department of BioNut in Huddinge

The Live Cell Imaging facility was started in 2009. Since then the facility has grown to include 8 high-end microscopes, 3 experienced staff and a high image analysis capability. About 70 researchers actively use the equipement at the LCI facility.

Together our microscopes allow researchers to perform conventional and high throughput confocal and widefield microscopy, fast confocal microscopy (resonance scanner and spinning disk), Fluorescence LifeTime Imaging (FLIM), multiphoton microscopy, spectral imaging and super resolution microscopy (TIRF and STORM). Additionally the NIS-Element and Imaris software are available for manual or fully automated or semi-automated image processing and analysis.

The Live Cell Imaging facility is grateful to the founding agencies that allowed its development: Vetenskapsrådet, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the Center for Biosciences/CIMED and the KI fund for core facilities.

Today the LCI facility is proud of being part of the The Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging, the network of Nikon Center of Excellence, as well as being member of several international imaging networks (Swedish Bioimaging Network, European Light Microscopy Initiative).


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Inauguration of the LCI facility in 2014

Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging and Nikon Center of Excellence

The Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging was established in 2014 after a donation from Kirstin och Rune Jonasson. The overall aim of the Centre is for healthcare, technology and research in the region to become world-leading within image function.

The LCI facility is happy to host 2 high-end microscopes that are part of the Jonasson Centre: The Pegasus and Orion systems allow researchers to perform confocal imaging and super-resolution microscopy.

In 2014, the LCI facility was awarded the prestigious Nikon Center of Excellence label. The facility became one of only 8 Centers of Excellence in Europe, 15 in the world. The Center officialises a tripartite collaboration between the Live Cell Imaging facility at the Karolinska Institute in Huddinge, the School of Technology and Health at the Royal School of Technology (KTH) in Huddinge and Nikon Instruments Europe.

This collaboration includes sharing equipment, resources and knowledge in order to offer the best possible service to the users of the LCI facility and contribute to the development of the Nikon confocals and software. The Nikon Center of Excellence comprises the 6 state-of-the-art Nikon confocals present at the LCI facility.