Admission seminars and admissions board at PHS

New doctoral students are admitted to the doctoral education through an admission seminar with the Admissions Board. The department arrange admission seminars on two occasions each semester.

The Admissions Board is responsible for processing applications, organising and evaluating the admission seminars. The board is also responsible for proposing suitable applicants to the Head of Department for final decision.

Admission seminars

Admission seminars are held four times per year, twice in the spring and twice in the autumn semester.

Admission seminars spring 2018: 

  • 1 February at 9:00, Widerström building
  • 17 May at 9:00, Widerström building

Admissions Board

The Admissions Board consists of a chairman, a secretary, five researchers representing different expertise within public health science and a doctoral student representative.


Contact card: marhas


Contact card: marila


Contact card: bobur

Contact card: yvofor

Contact card: jetmol

Contact card: helmol

Contact card: helnor

Doctoral student representative

Contact card: thewir

The decision

The final discussion on the application is held behind closed doors. The Head of the Department makes the decision in consultation with the Admissions Board. The decision cannot be appealed, but a rejection of an application does not exclude a student from making a new application.