Application for green light at the Department of Global Public Health

The purpose with green light is to assure that all doctoral students at KI have the opportunities and resources needed for a high-quality doctoral education. An approved green light means that the suitability of the prospective main supervisor (track-record, time to supervise and competence) has been assessed.

An approved green light from the department is needed when:

  • establishing a doctoral position - the application for 'green light' is a mandatory attachment when applying to establish a new doctoral position
  • changing main supervisor in an ongoing doctoral project
  • in some cases; when applying for funding, such as KID-funding - please note if the funding is granted, a new green light application for establishing a doctoral position must be applied for

Apply for 'green light' at the department

The application form for ‘green light’ must be completed by the prospective main supervisor and signed by the research group leader. 

Doctoral students not employed or only partly employed by KI

Additional financial documentation is required when the doctoral student is not employed or only partly employed by KI. Please provide adequate financial information so that it can be ensured that there is enough financial support during the entire doctoral studies.

If the student is completely or partly financed by a scholarship: provide information regarding the scholarship such as a contract from the funding organisation confirming the financial amount and the terms/conditions for doctoral studies.

If the student will pursue a doctoral education with employment outside of KI (externally employed doctoral students), please contact the finance unit at the Department of Global Public Health. They will provide you with a template from the Legal Office at Karolinska Institutet.

Submit the completed green light application together with the form for establishment of a doctoral position.

If the application is to be assessed due to other reasons (application for funding or changing main supervisor for a doctoral project), submit the application for 'green light' to the administrative officer for doctoral education. The assessment of the application may take up to 3 weeks.

Supervisor training

Please note that a main supervisor, unless having equivalent expertise, must complete the introductory course in doctoral supervision according to the instructions of the Faculty Board doctoral supervisor training. The aim of the course is to prepare participants for the role of supervisor and to provide insight into the responsibilities that it entails.

Equivalent expertise

Those who have equivalent expertise:

  • have been principal supervisors for doctoral students who have graduated with doctoral degrees from, for example, a university in one of the Nordic countries or another country which has comparable doctoral education
  • have taken part of another research supervisor training equivalent to the course given by KI.

It is also mandatory for all principal supervisors, including those with equivalent expertise, to complete the web course for supervisors for doctoral students. A passing score on the web course cannot be older than 5 years prior to accepting a new doctoral student.


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