Advertise and recruit for a doctoral position at GPH

This page describes the different steps of advertising and recruiting for a doctoral position at the Department of Global Public Health in general. The process is carried out in accordance with KI's regulations.

Please note that you are welcome contact HR, for any additional support during all steps of the process.

1. Contact HR and create an advertisement

To advertise the doctoral position, email a copy of the approved establishment decision, with your research group leader as 'CC' (copy) in the email.

After your first contact with HR, they will provide you with support during the whole recruitment process.

The next step is to create an advertisement for the position. HR will provide you with templates.

2. Evaluate the applications

After the last application day for the doctoral position, the supervisor evaluates and chooses 4 or less applicants for the eligibility assessment, carried out by the University Administration (UF).

With the assistance of HR, the supervisor flags the chosen applicants in KI's recruitment system Varbi.

3. HR contacts the University Administration (UF) when it is time to assess eligibility

HR will contact the eligibility administrator at the University Administration to inform them that it is time to assess the eligibility of the chosen candidates.

HR will be notified when the assessment is done, and the status of the applicants will be to “eligible” or “not eligible” in Varbi.

Eligibility assessment - when exception from the requirement to advertise is approved

  1. The supervisor or candidate contacts the doctoral educational administration
    Contact the doctoral educational administrator at
  2. The administrator emails the prospective doctoral student with further instructions on how to upload the relevant documents in the recruitment system Varbi for the purposes of eligibility assessment. For candidates outside Sweden, this must be done before arrival.
  3. If a candidate is considered eligible, an eligibility statement is sent to the candidate and the supervisor. This statement is then to be printed out and appended to the admission decision.

4. Interview eligible candidates

After the eligibility assessment, the recruiting supervisor contacts the eligible candidates for an interview. HR will participate as support during the interviews.

The final step is to contact two references of the best candidate.

5. Write a justification for the selected candidate

Write a justification of the choice of candidate, HR will provide you with a template. The justification should be signed by you, the main supervisor, as well as the research group leader. Send the signed original to HR.

You will also need to attach a copy to the admission decision, in the next step of the process.

Contact - HR at the department


Visiting address: GPH administration unit, floor 3, Widerström building,
Tomtebodavägen 18A, Campus Solna

Post box available on floor 3 in the Widerström building.

Next step of the admission process: admission decision

When the main supervisor has selected a candidate for the doctoral position, a notification is sent to the University Administration officers. An 'eligibility statement' will be available for the selected candidate in Varbi that needs to be attached to the form for the admission decision.

After admission, a decision is also taken on employment for those doctoral positions that has been advertised.

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