Establishment of a doctoral position at GPH

The first step in the admission process is to apply for establishment of a doctoral position. The application is evaluated by the Doctoral Board at the Department of Global Public Health. The prospective main supervisor submits the application three weeks in advance of the next board meeting.

The purpose is to assure the quality of the research project, the supervision constellation and the doctoral education environment.

Application for establishment of a doctoral position at GPH

The prospective main supervisor applies by submitting the form - establishment of doctoral position and a research plan among other mandatory attachments listed in the form

One of the mandatory attachments is the application for ‘green light’, signed by the research group leader. Find more information about applying for green light at the Department of Global Public Health.

Note that mandatory attachments at the department, in addition to those in the form establishment of doctoral position are;

  1. A copy of the document certifying that the main supervisor has passed KI's course for doctoral supervisor training + certificate of completion of the mandatory web course
  2. Documentation of financial support (see application for green light at the Department of Global Public Health).

Complete the form and submit the signed original printed single-sided, to the administrative officer at the department, three weeks in advance of the next board meeting. If mandatory attachments are not included or instructions not followed, the doctoral board might not review the application.

Véronique Henriksson

Educational administrator for doctoral studies

Doctoral board at the department

The doctoral board at the department meets twice per semester and evaluates if all the requirements to establish a doctoral position are met.

Members with the Doctoral board at GPH and upcoming meetings dates.

The doctoral board evaluates that:

  • The scientific project is viable and suitable as a doctoral project
  • The principal supervisor has an approved green light application
  • The supervisory constellation is relevant to the project
  • The doctoral student can be offered a sound doctoral study environment
  • Ethical permits (if required) are in place or planned

See the evaluation form (pdf) that lists all the topics assessed by the board. Please note that the overall aim and specific questions should be relevant from a public health perspective.

It is also assessed whether an exception from the requirement to advertise the doctoral position is in line with the regulations.

An exception to advertise may be approved if:

  • the prospective doctoral student is to study within the framework of employment by an employer other than the higher education institution (e.g. Region Stockholm)
  • the prospective doctoral student has already begun his/her third-cycle studies at another higher education institution, or
  • there are similar special grounds – KI defines special grounds as positions where the student already has been selected in a competitive recruitment process.


The prospective supervisor will receive a decision, for example accepted, conditionally accepted (changes are needed) or rejected within one week after the meeting. If needed, the supervisor will be offered the possibility to revise the plan within the two following weeks.

Rejection decision

Reasons for rejecting the application to establish of a doctoral position will be given in writing. Once the reasons have been addressed, a new application may be submitted.

If the department for the position changes, the new department must be notified of the previous decision even though the department is also required to carry out their own assessment.


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