Admission to doctoral education at the Department of Global Public Health

This page describes the admission process for doctoral education at the Department of Global Public Health (GPH).

How to become a doctoral student at the department

To become a doctoral student at the Department of Global Public Health, you start by applying for one or more of the advertised doctoral positions at the department. For questions regarding the doctoral education position, you may contact the contact person in the advertisement.

If you have your own funding, in form of an external scholarship, you can still apply for any of the announced projects but you can also try to establish contact with a research group at the department.

If the scholarship has been earned in competition with others the project might not have to be announced like the other projects. Please be aware that the research group still might have to pay for you if the scholarship is not high enough. About external scholarships.

There are also other ways into doctoral education, for example for medical doctors employed at one of the hospitals.

In order for you to be eligible to doctoral studies at KI you are required to meet both the general and the specific entry requirements.

Admission process

The admission process at the Department consists of several steps:

  1. Establishment of a doctoral position
  2. Advertise and recruit for a doctoral position
  3. Admission decision by Head of the Department

When the admission process is completed, an Individual Study Plan (ISP) is established.

Advertised doctoral positions

Available doctoral positions at our department


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Educational administrator for doctoral studies
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