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Portrait of Professor Lotta Widén Holmqvist

Lotta Widén Holmqvist - Professor of Physiotherapy at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society since 2007

Physiotherapy research has produced new models for exercises and rehabilitation in patients suffering from neurological diseases and damage due to e.g. stroke and MS. These are fields in which Swedish research has had considerable international impact.

Lotta Widén Holmqvist has made a substantial contribution by developing and carefully evaluating new treatment methods, often in interdisciplinary collaboration. Observing the patient in the home environment is the key to obtaining a holistic picture of the individual's problems and support needs.

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Ann-Charlotte Widen Holmquist

Enhet: Institutionen för Neurobiologi, Vårdvetenskap och Samhälle (NVS), H1