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Neuroepidemiology and Health Services Research

Research focus

Neuroepidemiology and health services research is an interdisciplinary field of research. Our research aims to contribute to improved health in people with neurological disability and in their families.

Our research includes studies of associations between neurological disease/injury and health, function, activity and participation in society among individuals and their families. Also health care interventions are studied, both from an individual, group and a social perspective, as well as the overall relation to efficiency and cost.

Our research group also study needs for health care interventions, in people with neurological disabilities and their families, as well as utilization of these efforts and satisfaction with care.

The area has great breadth and variety in terms of content and scientific methodology and includes both observational studies and intervention studies.

Research projects/activities

Group leader


Charlotte Ytterberg

Telefon: 08-585 822 77
Enhet: Sektionen för fysioterapi

Group members

Mia Forslin, PhD

Kristina Gottberg, senior lecturer

Sverker Johansson, associate professor, senior lecturer

Marie Kierkegaard, assistant professor

Sebastian Lindblom, PhD student

Petter Sandstedt, PhD

Disa Sommerfeld, associate professor, senior lecturer

Lotta Widén-Holmquist, senior professor

Collaborators or partners

Danderyd hospital

Högskolan Dalarna University

Karolinska Institutet:
Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society
Clinical Neuroscience
Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics
Department of Clinical Sciences, Danderyd Hospital

Karolinska University Hospital

Lund University

Mörby akademiska vårdcentral

University of Southern Denmark

University of Oslo

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Melbourne

University of Ottawa

Örebro University

Financial support

The regional agreement on medical training and clinical research between stockholm county council and karolinska institutet (ALF)

Karolinska Institutet Part-time financing of doctoral students (KID)

Doctoral School in Health Care Sciences

Swedish Research Council

Strategic Research Area in Care Sciences (SFO-V)

Neuro Sweden


The Swedish Stroke Association

Doctoral theses

Mia Forslin, Working life in people with multiple sclerosis, 2019

Petter Sandstedt, Disability and health-related quality of life in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and caregiving experience from the next of kin, 2018

Charlotte Chruzander, A 10-year follow-up of people with multiple sclerosis-aspects of disability and health, use of and satisfaction with care, and feasibility of cognitive behavioural therapy, 2014

Susanne Palmcrantz, Long-term effects of stroke seen in young individuals living in the community, 2012

Marie Kierkegaard, Disability and Physical Exercise in adults with Myotonic Dystrophy type 1, 2010

Sverker Johansson, Disability in people with multiple sclerosis with focus on fatigue, 2008

Charlotte Ytterberg, A two-year study of people with multiple sclerosis - Aspects of disability, perceived impact, needs and satisfaction with care, 2008

Anna-Karin Welmer, Associations between body functions, activities and health-related quality of life from onset until 18 months after stroke, 2007-12-14

Kristina Gottberg, Studies of people living with multiple sclerosis in Stockholm county: evaluation of methods for data collection and aspects of functioning and use of health care services, 2006

Anette Forsberg, Guillain-Barré syndrome: disability, quality of life, illness experiences and use of healthcare, 2006

Ulrika Einarsson, People with multiple sclerosis in Stockholm: Aspects of motor and cognitive function, activities of daily living and social/lifestyle activities, 2006

Disa Sommerfeld, Body function and activity after acute stroke: Physiotherapy perspectives, 2004

Lena von Koch, Early supported hospital discharge and continued rehabilitation at home after stroke, 2000

Lotta Widén Holmqvist, Development and evaluation of rehabilitation at home after stroke in south-west Stockholm, 1997

Licentiate Theses:

Elsy Eek, A procedure for quantitative assessment of touch function in hands and feet using Hf/TENS; reliability for patients with stroke and recommended normative values 2009

Annica Wohlin Wottrich, On aspects of context in rehabilitation after stroke : views of patients and therapeutists, 2006

Ann-Mari Thorsén, Five-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial of early supported discharge and continued rehabilitation at home after stroke, 2005

Selected publications
























Other selected publications

SBU-rapport 2015. Tidig koordinerad utskrivning och fortsatt rehabilitering i hemmiljö för äldre efter stroke

Chruzander C, Johansson S, Gottberg K, Einarsson U, Fredrikson S, Holmqvist LW, Ytterberg C. Förändring i funktionstillstånd över tid och prediktorer för förändring och mortalitet hos personer med multipel skleros. Best practice Multipel Skleros 2013 Dec;4:22-25.

Ytterberg C, Lundqvist S, Johansson S. Användning av hälso- och sjukvård under två år hos personer med multipel skleros med respektive utan depressiva symtom. Best practice Multipel Skleros 2014 May;6:12-14.