Widefield Microscopes at BIC

The BIC facility has several different widefield microscopes in open access for researchers.

Zeiss Cell Observer (Fixed/Live)

The Zeiss Cell Observer is a widefield microscope equipped with temperature, humidity and CO2 control for live cell imaging.  This system facilitates bright field, epifluorescence, DIC and phase contrast microscopy.


  • Illumination: Halogen lamp, Calibri 5 LED (385, 475, 555 and 630nm) 
  • Filters: DAPI: G365_FT395_BP445/50 (49), CFP: BP436/20_FT455_BP480/40 art.nr 1196-682 (47), HE DsRed: BP550/25_FT570_BP605/70 (43), Cy5: BP640/30, FT660, BP690/50 (50) and YFP: BP500/20_FT515_BP535/30 art.nr. 1196-681 (in storage) (46)
  • Objectives: EC Plan-NEOFLUAR 10X/0.3, LD Plan-NEOFLUAR 20X/0.4, LD Plan-NEOFLUAR 40X/0.6, EC Plan-NEUFLUAR 10X/0.3 Ph1, LD Plan-NEOFLUAR 20X/0.4 Ph2, LD Plan-NEOFLUAR 40X/0.6 Ph2
  • Cameras: Zeiss AxioCam MRm cooled 12-bit 1388x1040 pixels
  • Motorized stage: accommodates all multi-well plates, slides, petri dishes of 100mm or smaller

Leica DMI6000 (Fixed/Live)

The Leica DMI6000 widefield fluorescence system allows fluorescence and transmitted-light imaging of slides and multi-well plates automatically.


  • Illumination: LED unit with 365nm (DAPI/Hoechst, 488nm (GFP), 530nm (CY3, RFP) LED lamps, fluorescence lamp
  • Filters: DAPI/Hoechst, CFP, GFP, YFP, RFP and CY5/Alexa647
  • Objectives: 5x, 10x, 20x extra-long working distance objectives so that even cell culture multi-well plates can be used

The system is equipped with a climate chamber for live cell imaging for a few hours to multiple days. The acquisition software is LAS X (Leica) with a very basic user interface, Navigator stage overview, or and advanced Matri screening interface.

Olympus IX73 (Fixed, Fluorescence/Colorimetric)

The Olympus IX73 is an inverted microscope with the capacity for both colors- or monochromatic acquisitions of samples in dishes or slides (up to 3 slides simultaneously). It has an automated stage for tiles & position imaging and can acquire brightfield, phase contrast, and fluorescence images.


  • Illumination: Halogen lamp for transmitted light and CoolLED pe-300 white LED lamp (with UV=365nm, B=460nm and GYR=525-660nm).
  • Channels: Brightfield, Phase contrast, DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Cy3 and Cy5
  • Objectives (all dry/air – no immersion!): 2X, 4X, 10X, 20X and 40x
  • Camera: Olympus XC-10 IR color CCD. 14bit w 1376x1032 pixels of 6,45um size

Zeiss Calcium upright

The “Calcium upright” microscope is an upright manual fluorescence microscope equipped for imaging of very rapid fluorescence events, such as imaging of calcium fluctuations. Suitable container is a 35mm petri dish.


  • Illumination: Halogen lamp for transmitted light and Xenon Arc lamp for fluorescence.
  • Channels: Fura-2 (blue), Fura/GFP (blue/green), Fura/Rhod (blue/red), GFP/Rhod (green/red) and Filterset 46 (green)
  • Objectives: 20X and 63X (both water dipping) are mounted on the slide (however can be exchanged with other dipping objectives)

Choosing an microscope

If you want more details about the different microscopes we have compiled a sheet for you under More information. The information may be useful when choosing between different microscopes. 

You are always welcome to contact us if you need further information or guidance among the microscopes.

More Information

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