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Centre for Nutrition

The Centre for Nutrition is a new research centre at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition, Campus Flemingsberg. It explores how diet composition, dietary regimes, and nutritional supplements can be used to improve human health and longevity.

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Goals - Centre for nutrition

- Establish a leading research centre of excellence in translational research in nutrition, metabolism and disease prevention.

- Bringing together several strong research groups covering basic experimental science to interventional and epidemiological research.

- Enable and stimulate sharing of expertise and knowledge for research as well as education.

- Being a green house for junior researchers to develop their own independent research profile.

- Create a platform for collaborations and joint funding applications related to nutrition and metabolism.

The steering group for the Centre for Nutrition consists of:

Janne Johansson, Thomas Tinglöv, Marie Löf (coordinator), Christian Riedel (co-coordinator) and Federico Pietrocola.

Research groups at the Centre for Nutrition

News and calendar events related to nutrition at KI