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Tomas McKenna Tomas McKenna Stephanie Wood-NK tumourcell
Mikaela Wiking-Differentiated cells Rudger Shutten Tripple division Pablo Hernandez Varas-Migrating H1299
Tomas McKenna Tomas McKenna Andrew Patterson-Cells in collagen
Sebastian Hildebrandt-Human Embryo   Andrea Bieder
Intestine crypt in Matrigel    

Selected Publications

Single-Cell RNA-Seq Reveals Lineage and X Chromosome Dynamics in Human Preimplantation Embryos.
Petropoulos S, Edsgärd D, Reinius B, Deng Q, Panula S, Codeluppi S, et al
Cell 2016 May;165(4):1012-26
Super-resolution microscopy reveals γ-secretase at both sides of the neuronal synapse.
Schedin-Weiss S, Caesar I, Winblad B, Blom H, Tjernberg L
Acta Neuropathol Commun 2016 Mar;4():29
Xeno-Free and Defined Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells Functionally Integrate in a Large-Eyed Preclinical Model.
Plaza Reyes A, Petrus-Reurer S, Antonsson L, Stenfelt S, Bartuma H, Panula S, et al
Stem Cell Reports 2016 Jan;6(1):9-17
VAMP8-dependent fusion of recycling endosomes with the plasma membrane facilitates T lymphocyte cytotoxicity.
Marshall M, Pattu V, Halimani M, Maier-Peuschel M, Müller M, Becherer U, et al
J. Cell Biol. 2015 Jul;210(1):135-51
Tissue-infiltrating neutrophils represent the main source of IL-23 in the colon of patients with IBD.
Kvedaraite E, Lourda M, Ideström M, Chen P, Olsson-Åkefeldt S, Forkel M, et al
Gut 2016 Oct;65(10):1632-41
Mitochondrial Polyadenylation Is a One-Step Process Required for mRNA Integrity and tRNA Maturation.
Bratic A, Clemente P, Calvo-Garrido J, Maffezzini C, Felser A, Wibom R, et al
PLoS Genet. 2016 May;12(5):e1006028
Early B cell factor 1 regulates adipocyte morphology and lipolysis in white adipose tissue.
Gao H, Mejhert N, Fretz J, Arner E, Lorente-Cebrián S, Ehrlund A, et al
Cell Metab. 2014 Jun;19(6):981-92
The atypical ubiquitin ligase RNF31 stabilizes estrogen receptor α and modulates estrogen-stimulated breast cancer cell proliferation.
Zhu J, Zhao C, Kharman-Biz A, Zhuang T, Jonsson P, Liang N, et al
Oncogene 2014 Aug;33(34):4340-51
Verification of cell viability in bioengineered tissues and organs before clinical transplantation.
Jungebluth P, Haag J, Lim M, Lemon G, Sjöqvist S, Gustafsson Y, et al
Biomaterials 2013 May;34(16):4057-67
Intracellular uptake and toxicity of Ag and CuO nanoparticles: a comparison between nanoparticles and their corresponding metal ions.
Cronholm P, Karlsson H, Hedberg J, Lowe T, Winnberg L, Elihn K, et al
Small 2013 Apr;9(7):970-82
Molecular networks of DYX1C1 gene show connection to neuronal migration genes and cytoskeletal proteins.
Tammimies K, Vitezic M, Matsson H, Le Guyader S, Bürglin T, Ohman T, et al
Biol. Psychiatry 2013 Mar;73(6):583-90