From Patient Recovery Education to Worth Knowing

"What is good and helpful to know about psychiatry, as a patient or relative?” is the theme of the lecture series “Worth Knowing About Psychiatry and Recovery”. The clinic’s user influence coordinator (BISAM) has developed content and structure based on requests and development proposals from participants in the Patient School, which is now taking a new form.

Worth Knowing

Worth Knowing focuses on information that is useful for patients - such as what help is available, what expectations patients can have of healthcare, and what research says about recovery. The Worth Knowing lectures offer the knowledge, information, and guidance that BISAM lacked when they themselves were patients in psychiatry.

All clinic patients are welcome, preferably with relatives.


Inka Helispää Rodriguez


Brukarinflytandesamordnare (BISAM) are people who are employed with the competence requirement that they should have their own experience of extensive mental illness and recovery. They work with patients’ influence and participation in psychiatric care.

Patient Recovery Education

The Patient Recovery Education offered support and community for patients in Norra Stockholm’s psychiatric outpatient care through informative group meetings during 2018-2022, which is the origin of “Worth Knowing”. The groups were led by employees at Norra Stockholm’s Psychiatry with previous experience of mental illness. During the group meetings, patients received information about health and social services and collectively discussed strategies for managing stigma, social contexts, friendship relationships, loneliness, and self-care.

Content reviewer:
Sara Lidman