Care Maps

A brief introduction.

Care Maps - strengthen relationships in the presence of life-changing events

The Care Maps aims to identify and strengthen social relationships relevant to life-changing events. The use of a Care Map may also facilitate care planning, coordination and communication between stakeholders and contribute to the identification of potentially lacking or unnecessary resources.

The identification of social relations, that is, the Care Maps, may also help health care providers learn and understand the important relationships in a person’s world and make them sensitive to what type of support and relationships exist for different patients. This has importance for deciding what type of care and services are needed for each individual.

A “pen and paper” care-mapping instrument has been developed and pilot tested, inspired by the Atlas of Caregiving project. The innovation is being developed by the Karolinska University Hospital and the Regional Cancer Center Stockholm-Gotland and is driven by members of the Swedish Brain Tumor Association. A close collaboration exists with all six tertiary care cancer hospital departments in Sweden.

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Sara Lidman