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Research groups and programmes at MMC

MMC carries out research to support science-based management practice in health care. Our vision is to address how resources in the form of competence, knowledge, material and other assets can best be used and developed to improve human health.

We work nationally, regionally and locally with authorities, health care providers and patient representatives as well as with educational and research institutions in medicine and health care, and serves as a conveyor of knowledge and research related support for change and development.

Research groups

Clinical Management

Clinical Management research group strive to bridge the medical management know-do gap by researching and developing innovative management practices together with practitioners that generate value for staff and patients.

Research group leaders

Pamela Mazzocato

Senior researcher
08-524 836 96
Research group Clinical Management

Carl Savage

Senior researcher
08-524 879 00
Research group Clinical Management

Health Economics and Economic Evaluation

Health Economics and Economic Evaluation research group is doing research within health economics with a focus on health economic evaluation. Also education is a significant part of the activities of the research group, where the Master's Programme in Health Economics, Policy and Management plays a major role.

Research group leader

Niklas Zethraeus

Senior researcher
08-524 860 97
Unit for Health Economics and Economic Evaluation
C7 Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics

Health economics and policy

Health economics and policy research group conducts research on how resources are used to contribute to effective care and improved health. The field of research is characterized by the application of economic theories and methods in health care. With the help of registers, we answer questions about efficiency and equality, analyze the effects of healthcare reforms, and compare healthcare providers and healthcare systems.

Research group leader

Clas Rehnberg

08-524 863 29
Unit for Health Economics and Policy
C7 Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics


PROCOME research group focuses on research on effects and implementation of innovative improvement programs in different type of organizations, with specific focus on health and social care.

Research group leader

Anne Richter

Senior researcher
C7 Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics


SOLIID stands for Sustainable Organizational Learning, Innovation, Improvement and Development in Health and Social services. The research group works with action oriented/interactive organizational research within health and social services, with a focus on sustainability in organizational learning, innovation, improvement and development.

Research group leader

Monica Nyström

Lecturer senior
08-524 836 20
Unit for Work and Organizational Psychology
C7 Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics


Unit for Bioentrepreneurship- UBE, conducts research on and education in innovation and entrepreneurship. As an academic unit at Karolinska Institutet, UBE can be considered as the first proactive link in KI:s innovation system.

Head of unit

Hanna Jansson

Head of unit/project leader
08-524 838 61
Unit for Bioentrepreneurship (UBE)
C7 Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics