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Research KI SÖS

The research at the department is focused on widespread diseases such as diabetes, stroke, allergy and HIV. Our research also covers the area of emergency care, including trauma.

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Field Research area Group leader
Anesthesiology Fluid kinetics Christer Svensén
Cardiology Cardiology Research group Per Tornvall
Emergency care Emergency care Katarina Bohm
Hand surgery Hand deformities Marianne Arner
Internal medicine The NeuroCardioMetabol Group Cesare Patrone/Thomas Nyström
Obstetrics Lactate Eva Itzell
Orthopaedics Orthopaedics Sari Ponzer
Pediatrics Allergy and asthma in children - ALADDIN Johan Alm
Food allergy Anna Nopp
Surgery Gastrointestinal Surgery Gabriel Sandblom
Vascular surgery Peter Gillgren

Anne Edgren

Research coordinator