Ethiology and prognosis of youth suicidal behaviour

Youth suicidal behaviour is a considerable public health problem in a number of countries worldwide. Even if several risk factors for youth suicidal behaviour have been identified, a life course approach is seldom applied in suicidological research. This much advocated perspective of conceptualizing disease aetiology intends to study the contribution of early life factors jointly with factors later in life in order to identify risk and protective processes across the life span.

The overall aim of this project is two-fold:

1) to disentangle the importance of parental and individual risk factors and their interactions during the life span in relation to suicide and suicide attempt in adolescents and young adults 

2) to elucidate pathways to labour market marginalisation following youth suicide attempt.

The various sub-studies apply a cohort or case control design through linkage of Swedish registers. The study populations comprise individuals who have been registered for inpatient hospital care due to attempted suicide or for death due to suicide in Sweden.

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