Research presentations on diabetes complications

These researchers investigate how and why different organs are damaged in some subjects with diabetes such as the cardiovascular system and the kidneys. Short laymen presentations and filmed interviews.

Interview with Sergiu Catrina

Sergiu studies why patients with diabetes often gets complications or secondary diseases such as foot ulcers, kidney disease and nerve disease. One focus is the importance of oxygen levels in the peripheral tissues and how oxygen regulation is not working in diabetes. Interview done in Swedish by Kerstin Brismar.

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Sergiu-Bogdan Catrina

Senior Lecturer/Senior Physician

Interview with Rachel Fisher

Rachel studies how adipose tissue located close to the heart and blood vessles contributes to risk for cardiovascular disease. Interview done by Kerstin Brismar.

Interview with Johanna Lanner

Johanna investigates what is behind the muscle fatigue in peripheral vascular disease or claudication, interview in Swedish. Interviewed by Kerstin Brismar.

Johanna Lanner Research Presentation

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Johanna Lanner

Senior Lecturer

Interview with Peter Stenvinkel

Peter studies how diabetes affect kidney disease – how kidney disease and diabetes contributes to a premature aging of the blood vessels, interview in Swedish. Interviewed by Kerstin Brismar.

Peter Stenvinkel Research Presentation

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Peter Stenvinkel

Professor/Senior Physician
Stefan Nobel