Osher center for Integrative Health- OCIH

Integrative medicine aims to promote health and to counteract disease through the development and integration of evidence-based knowledge from different disciplines and traditions to complement established medicine. Rigorous scientific methods are applied to evaluate mechanisms, treatment effects, efficiency, and use in society.

Erik Hedman was awarded the Athena prize

Erik Hedman with co-workers was awarded with the Athena prize, Sweden's largest award for collaborative projects in clinical research, for 2016. The project concerns treatment of health anxienty and social phobia with internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy, and is a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University, Industry, and Stockholm County Council.

Barbro Osher was awarded the honorary title of Professor

Barbro Osher, Honorary Doctor at Karolinska Institutet, was awarded the honorary title of Professor. The title was awarded to Barbro Osher for her commitment and efforts to promote culture and research.



In collaboration with the Division of Psychology, the center arranges a seminar series with focus on clinical research and development. The first speaker in this series was Dr. Elin Lindsäter, Gustavsbergs Primary Health Care Center and Karolinska Institutet, on the subject Exhaustion disorder: An update regarding the evidence base and treatment strategies.

Upcoming seminars will be announced here and at the Division for Psychology https://ki.se/en/cns/seminars-at-the-division-of-psychology. The seminars are arranged by Victoria Sennerstam, Gustavsbergs Primary Health Care Center and Karolinska Institutet, and Mats Lekander.