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Fredrik Lanner

Assistant Professor Fredrik Lanner undertook his PhD thesis at the department of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) Karolinska Institutet followed by postdoctoral research in Janet Rossants lab at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. Having returned to Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, he has established his independent research lab exploring how pluripotent stem cells are regulated in the human embryo and how we best could use embryonic stem cells (ESCs) for treatment of age related macular degeneration.

To start exploring early human development and pluripotency the Lanner lab has recently published a single cell transcriptional roadmap of human preimplantation development (Petropoulos et. al., Cell 2016). The lab is now exploring the potential of human embryo genome editing in fundamental research and specifically to elucidate which of these genes are important for early human development and pluripotent stem cells. Such knowledge could also be important to understand causes of infertility.

In order to use ESCs in reparative medicine the cells must be established and cultured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). For this purpose the lab has initiated the work to establish new ES cell lines within a GMP facility. We hope that these cells will be a valuable resource to which will allow many research teams to make the move from bench to bedside within the field of reparative medicine.

Finally, building on our recently established xeno-free and defined protocol to generate ESCs derived retinal cells (Plaza-Reyes et al 2016) we will work towards the use these cells in clinical trials addressing age-related macular degeneration.

Selected publications

Amanda J. Collier, Sarita P. Panula, John Paul Schell, Peter Chovanec, Alvaro Plaza Reyes, Sophie Petropoulos, Anne E. Corcoran, Rachael Walker, Iyadh Douagi, Fredrik Lanner, Peter J. Rugg-Gunn, Comprehensive Cell Surface Protein Profiling Identifies Specific Markers of Human Naive and Primed Pluripotent States, Cell Stem Cell, online 23 March 2017

Plaza Reyes A and Lanner F. Towards a CRISPR view of early human development: applications, limitations and ethical concerns of genome editing in human embryos. DEVELOPMENT 2017 144: 3-7

Petropoulos P, Edsgärd D, Reinius B, Deng Q, Panula SP, Codeluppi S, Plaza Reyes A, Linnarsson S, Sandberg R, and Lanner F. Single-cell RNA-seq reveals lineage and X-chromosome dynamics in human preimplantation embryos. CELL 2016 165:1012-26

Reyes AP, Petrus-Reurer S, Antonsson L, Stenfelt S, Bartuma H, Panula S, Mader T, Douagi I, André H, Hovatta O, *Lanner F, Kvanta A. Xeno-free and defined human embryonic stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelial cells functionally integrate in a large-eyed preclinical model. STEM CELL REPORTS. 2016 6:1 9-17