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Here you will find useful contacts, links and the "Dialogue" - a tool to help guide your supervisory meetings

 There are many ways to define a doctoral education. However, the experience of having successfully completed one is very unique. Ask anyone with a PhD about their journey and they will tell you it is not an easy one to embark on. There are many obstacles, even psychologically and it’s quite a rollercoaster with many ups, downs, twists and turns.
 One mistake we all make though, is to think that that journey only encompasses our process of growing as a scientist. Many skills that we foster during these doctoral years are transferrable skills that you can use in other aspects of your life or should you choose to shift direction in other fields. Skills such as critical appraisal, project management, collaborative dialogue, perseverance, criticism acceptance, patience, and the list go on. These crafts we take for granted and even go further to even neglect their existence are highly sought after abilities.
 It is therefore imperative to create various formats of activities dedicated to strengthening and highlighting these skills while appealing to our fun-loving nature. We are constantly trying to implement new interactive methods and encourage PhDs to come forward with their ideas to help foster an environment where transferable skills can flourish. Join us to create a better you!

About Us

Who are we?

Like you we are doctoral student’s from the various divisions, who believe we can become more than just a single-faceted scientist.

What do we do?

As council representatives we provide a voice and a platform for PhD students across the divisions within the department. We strive to provide a more enriched and stimulating environment, where we can develop into transdisciplinary individuals and thereby influence not only our present but our future as well.

How do we do that?

Decisions made by the department leadership that affect us can be influenced by our opinions. Both the NVS Department Council (Institutionsrådet) and the Committee for Doctoral Education (Forskarutbildningskommitté) meetings provide a venue for our voices.

Within the Doctoral Council, we are constantly thinking of innovative methods to inform, inspire and even challenge us as scientific apprentices.

Why is it important?

Our voices as doctoral students echoes within the chambers of decision making. This not only empowers us but breaks the shackles unleashing our creativity beyond just science. Allowing us to expose our inner artist, painting other aspects of ourselves with leadership, negotiation, problem-solving, team building and even writing skills, all necessary to survive the jungle waiting for us on the other side of that dissertation wall.


The doctoral student council has representatives from each division at NVS.


PhD student

Sophie Gaber

Organizational unit: Division of Occupational Therapy
E-mail: sophie.gaber@ki.se

Vice Chair

Graduate Student

Konstantinos Poulakis

Organizational unit: Division of Clinical geriatrics
E-mail: konstantinos.poulakis@ki.se

NVS representative in KI doctoral students association

Graduate Student

Chenhong Lin

Organizational unit: Åkesson
E-mail: chenhong.lin@ki.se

Division Representatives 

Division of Aging Research Centre (ARC)

Graduate Student

Nathalie Salminen Frisendahl

Organizational unit: Sektionen för fysioterapi
E-mail: nathalie.salminen.frisendahl@ki.se

Division of Clinical Geriatrics

PhD student

Juraj Secnik

Organizational unit: Religa
E-mail: juraj.secnik@ki.se

Division of Family Medicine and Primary care

No representative at the moment.

Division of Neurogeriatrics

South Campus:

Graduate Student

Lorena Galán Acosta

Organizational unit: Division of Neurogeriatrics
E-mail: lorena.galan.acosta@ki.se

North Campus:

Graduate Student

Lea Van Husen

Organizational unit: Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS), H1
E-mail: lea.van.husen@ki.se

Division of Nursing

No representative at the moment.

Division of Occupational Therapy

PhD student

Elin Jakobsson

Organizational unit: Division of Occupational Therapy
E-mail: elin.jakobsson@ki.se

Division of Physiotherapy

Graduate Student

Patrik Karlsson

Organizational unit: Sektionen för fysioterapi
E-mail: patrik.karlsson@ki.se

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Suggestions and comments

Do you have suggestions or would like to give feedback to the Doctoral Education council? Please send an e-mail message to the Chairman.


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