F @ ce 2.0 - Implementation and evaluation of a global model for a person-centered, ICT and teambased rehabilitation intervention for people with stroke

The project aims to develop knowledge about, implement and evaluate a model for rehabilitation, F@ce 2.0.

Mobile phones or tablets are used in F @ ce 2.0 to support activity and participation in everyday life for people who have had a stroke and their families.

The rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) and the integration of ICT in people's everyday lives create opportunities for people to receive support / health care interventions in new ways.

The long-term goal of the project is to develop a model for person-centered, interdisciplinary rehabilitation for people after stroke with the support of ICT. The research program is conducted in different cultures (Sweden and Uganda) with different traditions of using the technology and in different groups of people who have had a stroke.

The purpose of F @ ce 2.0 is to enable daily activities and participation in the daily life of people who have had a stroke and their family members.


To study the effect of F @ ce 2.0, a randomized controlled trial is performed, where the intervention group receives F @ ce 2.0 and the control group receives the usual rehabilitation. Participants will be recruited from units that conduct rehabilitation in Stockholm, Gävleborg  and Dalarna. Qualitative interviews about experiences of the rehabilitation and about how the implementation of F @ ce 2.0 worked will be conducted with people who have had stroke, family members and rehabilitation staff.


Forte, Strokeförbundet

Principal Investigator

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Susanne Guidetti

Professor/Occupational Therapist

Other researchers

Gunilla Eriksson, Malin TistadCharlotte YtterbergLena von Koch, Uno Fors, Marie Elf.


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