Organisation Department of Medicine, Huddinge

The department of Medicine, Huddinge conducts graduate and post-graduate education, as well as research, within a wide range of the medical field, covering all internal medicine specialties, infectious diseases and dermatology.

The department consists of seven units with a total of nearly 60 research groups, including two research centres. Our ambition is to be the leading department for medical research and education.We also give several courses within the Study Programme in Medicine and have a strong tradition of pedagogical development.


Department of Medicine is led by the Head of Department, who has a management team by his side. The Department Council is advisory to the head. The department has various committees, such as for first cycle education, doctoral education, working environment etc. There is also a common central administration.

Organisation MedH


Petter Höglund, Head of Department

Klas Karlsson, Head of Administration

Mats Jensen-Urstad, Head, Unit of Heart and Lung diseases

Mikael Rydén, Head, Unit of Endocrinology and the Lipid Laboratory

Eva Hellström-Lindberg, Head, Unit of Hematology, Deputy Head of Department

Annika Bergquist , Head, Unit of Gastroenterology and Rheumatology

Christer Betsholtz , Head, Unit of Metabolism

Anders Sönnerborg, Head, Unit of Infectious Diseases and Dermatology

Anna Norrby-Teglund, Head, Center for Infectious Medicine

Agneta Månsson- Broberg, Responsible for first- and second-cycle education