Professional services / Administration at LIME

Overview of administrative staff at LIME, as well as contact information to each unit.

Karin Edman

Head of Finance and Administration

Therese Wahlström

Assistant to the Head of Department

Financial unit / Economy

For financial questions, Expense & Travel expenses please contact us at 

Pia Persson

Finance administrator

Halil Jusufoglu

Accounting supervisor

Human Resources

For questions to the HR unit, please contact us at

Elin Danielsson

HR-administration; affiliations, employment accounts, wellness allowance, sick leave, hourly wages / remuneration etc. ->

Undergraduate and advanced level education

Contact information to LIME education, i.e. educational administrators, the study counsellor and directors of the undergraduate and doctoral education at LIME.

Doctoral education

For questions regarding doctoral education, please contact

Ingrid Smedberg

Administrative officer

Communication and web

You may contact the local web editor at your division or unit (see web-editors-at-the-departments) or send us an email at

Marie Lind

Communications officer

Rooms, Travel and Taxi

For questions about need of office space, office furniture, kitchen, coffe and cleaning, taxi and general facility management please contact