Administration at LIME

Overview of the administrative staff, as well as contact information to each unit.

Head of administration

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Anna Westerberg

Head of Administration

I have the overall responsibility for the administrative activities, leading the work of central administration which consists of the finance- and HR-unit and other support activities.

Assistant to the Head of Department

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Charlotte Rossland

I support the Head of Department, coordinate meetings and issues for LIME's Management Group, Managers' Forum , the Department Council and various other departmental activities.

Communication and web

You may contact the local web editor at your division or unit (see web-editors-at-the-departments) or send us an email at

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Marie Lind

Communications officer

I am the main web editor for the departments’ external web sites, I give strategic communication support for web editors, research groups and administration and compile and send the LIME Newsletter.

Doctoral education

For questions regarding doctoral education, please contact

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Ingrid Smedberg

Administrative Officer

I work with doctoral students and supervisors throughout the doctoral education process, from establishment of a doctoral position to graduation (licentiate or doctoral degree). For questions regarding doctoral courses, please contact the administrator mentioned in the course catalogue.

Financial unit / Economy

For financial questions, Expense & Travel expenses please contact us at 

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Pia Persson

Finance administrator --> Supplier invoices, Travel, Expenses

I manage xpense reports and travel reimbursements, pigeonhole in the copy room next to the kitchen on floor 3 in the Widerström building.

Shumin Pan

Consultant/Externa Personnel
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Halil Jusufoglu

On leave of absence.

Alan Farman


I am working with general accounting, planning and budgeting, financial reporting, controlling and analysis, accounts payable/invoices.

Human Resources

For questions to the HR unit, please contact us at

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Maria Herdland

HR Manager

I give HR support to managers, handle employment, affiliation and remuneration.

Main HR contact for the Health Informatics Centre, Cenre for Healthcare Ethics and NASP.

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I give HR support to managers, handle employment, affiliation and remuneration, and work environment.

Main HR contact for Div of Learning and Medical Management Centre.

Mail services

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Bo Planstedt

Department technician / Mail

I handle in- and outgoing mail and the delivery phone of LIME and receives packages, I activate KI access cards (read more: also manage the computer storage room / Lending computers.

Rooms, Travel and Taxi

For questions about need of office space, office furniture, kitchen, coffe and cleaning, taxi, keys and general facility management please contact

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Annelie Jonsson


I manage need of office space, office furniture, kitchen, coffe and cleaning, first aid kits, taxi, other travel and keys.

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Vasilis Hervatis


I am responsible for telephony, manage travel profiles and keys.

Undergraduate and advanced level education

Contact information to LIME education, i.e. educational administrators, the study counsellor and directors of the undergraduate and doctoral education at LIME.


All archiving-related issues:


Questions about public documents or registration of documents, archiving, research data, and registration:

Research data

Support in handling research data by the Research Data Office (RDO):